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From $2100 to $305

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Re: From $2100 to $305

Close both.....
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Re: From $2100 to $305

I called Capone today and the rep told me he couldnt find the reason my CL was reduced, but he would do a hard-pull to see if they could increase my limit. I told him hell no, I am not doing a hard pull for an increase that wasn't guaranteed, besides, I plan to apply for a morgage loan later in the year.

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Re: From $2100 to $305

Why would you consider continuing to do business with a bank that treats you like crap.  If it were me they would be in the rearview mirror.

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Re: From $2100 to $305

Forget Crap1.   Cut up the card and place its remains in a cat litter tray. Give it the sending off it deserves.

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Re: From $2100 to $305


Since you have a NFCU card with a great CL already, then I'd just sock drawer the Cap1 cards unless they have annual fees.   FICO scoring likes to see several open revolving accounts so I'd just let them idle for now.

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Re: From $2100 to $305

What's with the $305 limits. I have a crappy old hsbc that is 305 also (which I am probably going to close). Why 305, not 300?



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Re: From $2100 to $305

Use the HP on an Amex revolver where you are guaranteed to have a high limit either off the bat or after 2 months. Keep them open if no AF but never give them the benefit of use.  If they pulled that with me, I'd be off the chain pissed off.

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