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From rags to credit riches

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Re: From rags to credit riches

Congrats!!! It's great to hear success stories!
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Re: From rags to credit riches

xxpert wrote:
Hey folks, a few years ago my credit was in the toilet. I had a 570 fico and the best credit card I had was an orchard bank card that I paid $250 app fee with a credit line of $500, oh and I also had a New Millenium secured card ( I Actually liked New Millenium ) well a few short years later and several disputes I can now say that I am riding on the upper echelon of credit worthiness. I'm currently sporting the Amex Gold Preferred, Chase Saphire, Amex Gold Business, Chase Ink, Barclays US Airways, Chase Freedom, US Bank flex perks, Citi Thank you. I got all cards for some pretty nice sign up bonuses and because my spend is decent I get some nice point accumulation. I dont carry balances on any of my cards because i know that i never want to be in credit trouble again. Just in 2012 I have been to Cancun 3 times, LA, Punta Cana, and Houston all using points transferred to FF miles and I still have about 338k points. So if anyone is on here thinking of the long road ahead to excellent credit, believe me it's very doable and will not take that long, just stay diligent and you can do it too. Current fico is 768 Smiley Happy

I love your story.  That is great that you got all of the CC that you wanted.  CONGRATS!!!

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