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Funny CLI...

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Funny CLI...

After pulling my reports I noticed that I got an auto-CLI on my Target Visa -- up 100 bucks!


Here's the funny part.  My limit is now 7.1k.  Wow -- a whopping 100 bucks on a 7k CL.


I definitely don't deserve much CLI love as of late (total util running about 45%).  I did open a GEMB/Amazon store card (1.4k) to get 0% on my snowblower -- but that's the most action I've had in awhile -- other than trying to knock down some of this debt.


I got another CLI at some point on my Old Navy -- up to 1400 from 1100.  


I should prob check my reports more often!  Smiley Wink

From 700 in 2008 to 498 in 2012...
4/23/12 -- BK 13 date of filing EQ = 505
4/18/12 -- EQ 498
12/5/13 -- EQ 669
Here we go.... back on track.
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Re: Funny CLI...

Probably u got that 100 bucks due to a system glitch Smiley Very Happy....better than nothing, anyway !


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Re: Funny CLI...

Congrats!  That means you can let $10 more appear on your credit reports and still keep a lower utilization. 
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Re: Funny CLI...

WhirledPeasPlease wrote:


a whopping 100 bucks on a 7k CL.


Congrats on the CLI, now remember, don't spend it all in one place.  Smiley Wink

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