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Funny CSR story

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Funny CSR story

Well I have heard it all.


I asked a bank ( no names mentioned) today for a CLI for the heck of it, if and only if, they post a soft pull to my file.  The rep told me that he would give me the number ot the credit reporting agency, and I could discuss with them how to apply the pull on my file. 


Yup, I am going to fight with the CRAs on posting of inquiries! haha.  Made me laugh. 


He stated they can not control the way the CRAs post the pulls.  I think I will hold off until I am done garden in case of a mistake HP.



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Re: Funny CSR story

It's certainly funny to those of us with some education in the matter. Although in the poor CSR's favor he probably believed what he said was true and was trying to help the customer. The way credit report requests are done and what ends up as a "hard" or "soft" is still somewhat of a mystery even on these forums. I don't believe that the front line CSR's at any of the companies have a decision making capability in that respect (i.e if I put in the request this way it is a hard inquiry - if I put in the request this way it is a soft inquiry). The best any of us can really do is go by prior experience of forum members and even then as is so often said YMMV.

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Re: Funny CSR story

I agree with you.  the CSR was very nice.  I just found it so funny when he offered to give me the CRAs number to discuss.


I guess the true lesson hear is if you can afford the HP best not ask.

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Re: Funny CSR story

Sounds like


Although I have been having terrible luck with AMEX customer service lately.

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Re: Funny CSR story

My last call with AMEX was a little off myself.


I think the issue is when you press 0 for general question you get sent into no mans land of CSR.  if I have a specific question, and can push a listed option I seem to due better.



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