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Furniture Row card through Cap1 question


Furniture Row card through Cap1 question

I have a Furniture Row card through Cap1, who bought out HSBC, I believe.

Letters I get still say HSBC at top but to direct questions to Capital One.

It has a 1200 limit and I talked with a representative who said I'd have to go in store to talk

to someone about getting a limit increase due to their different plans for accounts.


Anyone that has this card, would you know if this is the way to go about getting an increase?

I tried online and got a letter saying "your account type does not allow credit line increases."


I am wanting to app for a Chase card offer and was hoping to do it after I could possibly raise my limit on my Furniture Row card.


Just walk in there acting like I'm going to make a purchase and ask them if I can get a higher limit for the purchase.

I AM planning on making a purchase, but I'm wanting them to raise my limit so I could put the whole purchase on the card,

instead of having to pay cash for some and then card for the rest.

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