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Future of Apple Rewards CC

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Future of Apple Rewards CC

So with the (rather old) news that Goldman Sachs is getting into the credit card game, and they're in talks to take over Barclays place as the in store credit card financing method for Apple, what do you think will happen to current Apple Rewards CC holders?

Will they be converted to a different card? Will they be passed to Goldman Sachs? What card are they most likely to convert to?

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Re: Future of Apple Rewards CC

@QuakerOatmeal - AFAIK, no future has been announced as of yet on the current Apple Financing CC portfolio by Barclays OP.

Can you provide a link or article that confirms these "talks"?

IIRC, the recent PR announcements gave indication that Goldman Sachs was launching a new credit card product in partnership with Apple, not acquiring Barclays current portfolio unless this is recent news or latest developments.

It's worth noting that not much is known yet as far as the forthcoming Apple product structure.
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