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GE Amazon Store Card Auto-CLI?

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Re: GE Amazon Store Card Auto-CLI?

digitaldiva wrote:

Creditaddict wrote:

digitaldiva wrote:

It'll be nice if I could get any type of increase for my Amazon card...I've had the card for a year and a half, and no increase whatsoever...  Smiley Sad

You keep requesting?

Limit? Bal.?

overall Debt?

I've requested twice in the past eight months, and always a no go...


My limit is $700, my balance is about $60, and from all of my credit accounts, I'm at about 15% utilization...but I'm not really going to worry about it right now; I can be patient for a little while longer...  Smiley Happy

Have you gone over to an underwriter to get manual review?

Wonder what the computer doesn't like... seems unusual for GE not to kick at least $100 at you during request if it's been a while and not maxed out on everything.

I mean oddly on my first CLI requests on my 4 new GE accounts Lowes with $2 available credit approved over phone to double from $500 to $1000, but the other 3 got nothing from auto or manual reviews... they are just weird sometimes!

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Re: GE Amazon Store Card Auto-CLI?

Hmmm...never thought to give underwriting a call; will do that when I get home today. Thanks for the suggestion, Credit Addict!
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