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GE Capital / Walmart

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Re: GE Capital / Walmart

clh4809 wrote:

I have three GE Capital accounts: Walmart, Amazon and Old Navy, all of which were opened within a few days of each other.  My third statement just cut on the Walmart and ON cards and I received auto CLI's on both.  They were each a few hundred dollars, but I am in the process of rebuilding my credit and wasn't expecting anything more than that. The third statement of my Amazon card will be cut soon, so I'm waiting to see if the same thing happens to that account.  I thought it was interesting since most posts I've seen have stated that the Auto CLI with GE happens at 4 months. 

When you say that "when your statement cut that you received the auto CLI's", are you saying that you were carrying a balance?  I just opened my Walmart card in September and since I PIF no statements for me.  So I was just curious as to my chances of a CLI as well because like you said, mostly I have read at 4 months it happens.  


I mean I guess they can still evaluate our accounts whether a statement generates or not.  But I just wonder is it more than likely you get a CLI with a small balance or not.


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Re: GE Capital / Walmart

I did have a balance with both cards when I received the auto CLI's.  I use them often and continuously make additional payments before the statements are cut each month, but there was still a small balance left over.  My additional payments may have helped, I'm not entirely sure, but I was surprised that both cards received an auto CLI after 3 months instead of 4.

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