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GE Capital

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Re: GE Capital

I also think there would be a better chance at 650+....

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Re: GE Capital

Amazon credit card is also issue by GE Capital retail bank and application states you have to be clear from bankruptcies so is jewelry account are underwrite differently than a credit card by GE, just curious. I'd like to know if they re BK friendly as Barclay

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Re: GE Capital



what type of sony card that u have from GE?


cz  i have sony visa reward card from cap1.....had it since april.

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Re: GE Capital

Zelaya wrote:

Hello, I'm considering buying a watch and would like to finance 50% with no interest for 12 months, does anyone know if they're BK friendly and what fico score is needed. Also what bureau do they use. If anyone has applied for GE Capital products please give me your thoughts with cons and pros.

AFAIK, GE is not too harsh with BK, as long as it is "old."  I would think mid 600's would be good as a score. GE pulls TU, mostly. Good luck to you!

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Re: GE Capital

I'm just over 6 mos. from BK7 discharge. TU fakos are 650-665 (haven't had a TU denial letter recently, don't know Fico.) I applied a few months ago for Walmart (GE) and denied, hit the post-6 month mark a few days ago, and tried again yesterday. Approved for Walmart $400, then approved for Amazon $600, then 7-10 day msg. for TJX. All 3 were TU pulls.

You could test the GE water with Walmart, it's worth it for the free Fico if approved.
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Re: GE Capital


I have the Sony Financial Services backed by GE. I got it on Mar 9, for the specific purpose of using the 36 mo -0% APR for 2 TVs I purchased. I did not app for the Visa for 2 reasons- they weren't offering the 0% promo and I personally don't care for Cap 1.
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Re: GE Capital

While this board seems to have only love and support 94% of the time.  Let me offer the idea that perhaps wanting to finance a watch over 12 months is not unrelated to your current credit score?


I'm curious to know - or more precisely - curious if you know your net worth and monthy cash flow.  Your problem may go well beyond worrying about which report GE pulls.


edited 'cause I am a bad typist

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