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GE CareCredit, AMAZING


GE CareCredit, AMAZING

Ok, long story cut short lol, did an app spree last week before i went to the dentist, got CareCredit approved for $1200 my biggest line ever, and also went for and got walmart $600 and amazon $700. went to the dentist  friday and was told the work i needed would definately go way higher then my $1200 limit. Care said i had to wait 48 hours before asking for increase so i called today but automated system didn't seem to be working for me so i spoke to a super nice guy, Joe i think, and told him what was going on. He asked how much i would like to go up to and i got nervous so i asked to go from $1200 to $3000, to afraid to ask for more thinking if i went to high i would get a didn't ask if he could view my credit or anything just asked me to hold for a minute but it was more like 10 seconds because by the time he told me to hold he was already telling me that my credit limit was now $3000, can you say wow..Now i wonder, does carecredit report to the 3 credit agency's? Please someone tell me credit scores were all in the lower 600's too so i am hoping that this new line reports so maybe one day soon i can get higher credit card limits..thanks to you lal because i have learned alot here..



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Re: GE CareCredit, AMAZING

I have a CareCredit card as well, and it reports to all 3 CRAs. Congrats!

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Re: GE CareCredit, AMAZING

Ok, that is good to hear. I was hoping it would report. I never imagined i would be able to get $3000 from them and now wonder if i could have gone a little higher, ha ha ha. You think once the credit line starts to report it will help me much? My highest limit before this was $600 on a visa card. Trying to give my credit a healthy boost..

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Re: GE CareCredit, AMAZING

Congrats! I've been wanting a care credit card for some upcoming dental work, and wondered if they reported to all 3, too.

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