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GE Credit Card Question

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GE Credit Card Question

I have 2 cards with GE one with a 3k Limit and one with a $800.  Does GE allow you to move some of your limit from one card to another?  If so which department would i call?



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Re: GE Credit Card Question

I don't think GE allows you to move available credit from one account to another. I have 3 accounts with GE (Paypal, Banana Republic, and JCPenney). I asked them (Credit Solutions) this question before and they said NO. 

Hope this helps. If I'm not right, I'd like to learn from other people. Thanks

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Re: GE Credit Card Question

 Most of the GE cards that I know are store cards from different stores, it would be taking from one store to give to another. The only way I can see this work is the Sams and Walmart cards, but even then I doubt that they would. Just keep them and maximize credit score every 3 months so on the 4th month you have a nice score and get a nice increase in credit (they are very generous with CLIs).

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