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GE Exhausting... Who is right?

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GE Exhausting... Who is right?

Got declined Amazon Store (they pulled all 3 reports) Was told to wait for letter, etc. blah, check your reports, blah... Today finally get a manager who says "Yes we have an underwriting department but I can only send you to them within the first 48 hours of the application) SAY WHAT??? The last 8 reps I spoke to, 1 spoke english and still insisted no underwriting, wait for letter, we don't recon apps that the computer decides... this guy insist that I put in new application and then he would send me to underwriting and also that it is Amazon GE policy that all 3 reports are ALWAYS pulled... I disputed this fact several times to absolute no response.... 

Finally I said fine, I have an application for LensCrafters within 48 hours, please transfer me to them and I will ask underwriting... transfer to what seems like back out of US and to overseas call center to a guy who has very broken english who once again starts the GE script no underwriting, please wait 7-10 days and if you have issues write to the address on letter... After asking for a supervisor he promptly hung up on me as all the overseas reps have been doing with GE for me over the last 2 weeks.


Does anyone have a US number for either Amazon or Lens Crafters that possibly bypasses the front line Reps. CareCredit, Walmart, Sams all seem to have underwriting, why can't this be found with the other cards?? I have never had any issues getting a GE business underwriter on the phone!!



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Re: GE Exhausting... Who is right?

Sounds frustrating, id take my business elsewhere if i had that experiance.

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