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GE Money Bank Funancing?

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Re: GE Money Bank Funancing?

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Re: GE Money Bank Financing?

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Re: GE Money Bank Funancing?

solid07 wrote:
I have the my Atv 2 years and paid on time every month as a matter a fact they received my payments before they were due, and one morning i gave my wife a check to mai off on her way to work and she forgot to mail it and it was left in the sunvisor for a month and I didnt know the payment was not sent untl I got the next bill,   And I asked them time and time to take the 30 day off my credit and they want, I have sent GW letters and everything, I feel like they owed me that much, They dont have to hound me for there money and I have been a great customer!!!

Sorry but the question begs. If the payment check didn't clear your bank in a reasonable amount of time wouldn't you have thought something was wrong?


Yes it sounds like you are a great customer and take pride in making your payments on time. I can certainly understand being upset over having the 30 day late report.  Even good people make mistakes sometimes. But the reality is that you were in error and that is why the 30 day was reported. It is nice, wonderful even, when a creditor grants a GW on a late; But it's not something they owe us.




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Re: GE Money Bank Funancing?

I have found it all depends on who you talk to.

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Re: GE Money Bank Funancing?

Like the statement I recently read in someone's signature:


"If at first you don't succeed....hang up and try again."


I love it!

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