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GE / Transunion

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Re: GE / Transunion

AXMCVI wrote:

   Does GE always pull TransUnion only?  Has anyone ever  had the other 2  pulled for a GE product.  It really sucks that inquiries are not spread around all 3 credit bureaus. GE is almost everywhere now. Thanks





They always have for me here in NY, but for other states it may differ. TU is my best, so I hope they!

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Re: GE / Transunion

LS2982 wrote:

BrokaToe wrote:

Oddly enough, when I apped for Walmart Store Card, they pulled EX. I assumed they would pull TU that's why I had applied, because the day before I apped for Chase and they pulled ex so I thought I would be evening out my Inq, but nooooooo GE got me with the EX sucker punch.

And there lies the YMMV........Smiley Happy

Good call LS, we've always got to throw in the YMMV when credit is concerned. Smiley Happy

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Re: GE / Transunion

Oddly enough, I asked this same question a few weeks ago and noticed that they were no longer pulling TU, but pulling EX.  I'm in VA and my TU is much better than my other two reports.  I started noticing this when I wasn't receiving auto CLIs on Paypal SmartConnect and Walmart.  Whenever I called to request CLIs, I always got the "we are not able to approve your request at this time and you'll receive a letter in the mail stating the reasons why" line.  I also apped for three GE store cards a couple months ago (Crutchfield, Dillard's, and Lord and Taylor) and received the same message from them.  So, I gotta focus on the three baddies I have on EX and EQ, and just chill out in the garden. 

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