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At least Wal-Mart text site seems to be up and running I kjust text bal to to 88278 and responded right away with my balance

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Having some success accessing a few of my accounts using the Safari browser...Very slow though.

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Re: GE WEBSITES DOWN? (success!!!)

So, I was tinkering around trying to find a workaround for this issue.  Figuring they're using load balancers to direct traffic to their backend systems editting URL to another one that does work for a different card product worked.


So, my normal bookmark pointed to >> and this one wasn't working.


I tried a few variations and finally got the root of the URL : > to work for Sam's using the same as what's working at the moment w/ wal-mart.


so, the complete working Sam's url i'm able to login to right now is:


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Re: GE WEBSITES DOWN? (success!!!)

WalMart and Amzazon are working but  Very Very Slow 


Both my PPSC and PPEXMC are no-gos the blue Paypal logo just keep spinning in the middle of the home page where it's suppose to give balance information. 

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Re: GE WEBSITES DOWN? (success!!!)

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okay who asked for and got approved for the 4 billion dollar CL on their Walmart store card and broke the GE servers?  Smiley LOL

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thom02099 wrote:

thom02099 wrote:

Lowes is down as of right now.  Just tried logging in, the screen won't even come up...just spins it's wheels.  Tried with different browsers (IE and Mozilla) and NADA. 

Still down as of 11.20 Mountain Time...Still just spinning it's wheels, no screen coming up at all...


Good thing I don't have a payment due....I'd be very very VERY unhappy ! ! Smiley Mad

Lowes still down as of 3.30 MT.  I got a txt message from Lowes that said that "my payment was not received and the transaction was terminated".  However, I've not even tried to make a payment, since I can't even get the log on screen to come up!  I called their customer service number and there's an automated message that said they were "aware of the problem with the on line service and should have it resolved later today".  Guess it depends on your time zone ! ! !

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Amazon up and running full speed.



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