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GE is great BUT...

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GE is great BUT...

I should leave it to what I know they are capable of and just let the short falls go but then I talk to someone and they say something "stupid" and it gets me so fired up!

so as I had posted I was approved a 76 card (The part where GE is great is I have just settled some GE cards with them so to be approved amazing!)

okay so with approval I got the letter "The Cost of your credit" (Part of the federal guidelines) and a Fico TU Score.

fast forward about 1 week and I applied and was denied PayPal MC

with denial letter I get the reasons and a credit score (Not a plus, not a Fico, I don't know what it is a 244 or something!)

I called "Credit Solutions" first girl off to a bad start when she tells me a letter is in mail and that's all.

no, I already have the letter, it was emailed and that is not my question, I don't have a question about why I was denied or what were the reasons, I simply want my fico score that you pulled.

"We don't have that, I can give you TU number"

Me - no, you do have it and tu does not.

"We can't give any credit information out as part of the guidelines"

me "that's false, i would like a supervisor


me "I don't have questions why Im denied, I just don't understand why GE provides a Fico when Im approved but provides a I dont know what score when denied"

supervisor "Per federal guidelines we are only required to give a score not a Fico.

me "that's rich... you always want to stand behind the federal guidelines rather it's true or false and this time it's actually true but still doesn't really make since and I guess that's my only point... you pull the same TU, you have the Fico, you have it if I'm approved, you have it if I have an account open on a monthly review... you even give it for Walmart customers if they sign up for paperless but when declined you choose to just be unhelpful as possible to a customer and just give them bare bones meet the guidlines useless score that no one uses.

we finally agreed to disagree basically that GE does pull the same TU and of course has Fico scores but it gives this score on denial and he can't "access" (maybe!) any other score to give and no explanition.


I also said why is it I can get a manual review of my credit line but I can't get a manual review of a computer declined.

he said he was reviewing it and was satisfied with the declined reasons but he didn't look at anything so we both said thank you and hung up.


oh one other funny was first rep said i need to transfer you to customer service.

I was like I'm asking credit related questions to the credit department located in the united states, why would I want to talk to customer service in another country.

she just said, okay what can i do!

didn't even try to say she could transfer to a center in the united states or anything!


back to my happy corner with my approved 76 card Smiley Happy

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