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GE is not always great...

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GE is not always great...

So last weekend, I received a pre-qualified letter for Sam's. I call and am approved for the store card with a $600 CL. Cool, so I head down to the club the next day to get my new card (the membership card is your CC)...the woman helping me calls GE because she can't find the approval in the system. As she's on the phone, she runs my credit again, even after I told her not to run anything. Of course it is denied since I already had an approval from the day before. The person from GE can't figure out why the approval isn't showing up...they finally determine that the CSR who took the original app over the phone the day before had entered my membership number incorrectly, and this cannot be fixed. He tells me it will take 48 hours to figure it out. Fast forward 48 membership card has by this time been reported lost/stolen, so I call GE again to see what they have found out. After 45 minutes on the phone, the CSR's answer is to go back to the club and reapply for will get referred, and then they can fix it. I am not about to app again for a 3rd time.


I go back to the club, tell this ridiculously convoluted story, and a very helpful girl at Sam's called GE for me again and gets a manager on the phone. According to her, I have an approved credit line of $800, but I can't have it because it's not attached to an accurate membership #...what?! HER solution is to remove all record of the app and HPs from the CRAs to delete the account, and then I can app again. This should take 30 days or so.


So to recap...I have an $800 credit line at Sam's, but I have no credit line at Sam's. GE admits it is all their fault, but can't do anything about it. I did get a $25 gift card from the manager at the club for my bought enough beer to get me calmed down enough to alleviate the aneurism I could feel building in my brain from trying to process the level of incompetence someone must possess to screw something up this badly.

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Re: GE is not always great...

Unbelievable! I would be beyond pissed. Question, since you app'd twice - I assumed they did HP's are they removing those inq's?

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Re: GE is not always great...

They said they would remove the inqs...we'll see.

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Re: GE is not always great...

sorry to hear about this fiasco! dealing with CSRs who dont have answers is always frustrating! at least you got the beer! Although you could have bought a whole lot more with an 800 limit sams card

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Re: GE is not always great...

I understand your frustration, but considering how it is being handled (assuming it works out) I commend GE for being so helpful. You don't even know the hoops I've had to jump through with other creditors for them to fix their mistakes. I'm not saying I'd be happy, but I'd take their $25 GC and willingness to correct so quickly vs 2 inquiries on my report for 2 years & snotty attitude.


Just trying to throw a positive perspective on a otherwise crappy situation. Smiley Happy

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Re: GE is not always great...

Wow...yea that sucks but at least they are trying to fix it by basically starting over at ground zero.  What would be really bad is if they said that they couldn't or wouldn't do anything about it.  But at least you got some beer out of the deal....I would have needed it too....and some hard liquor as well Smiley Frustrated.


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Re: GE is not always great...

I had an issue opening my Sams card too, but they eventually got it working correctly.


I too was told to reapply several times throughout the process. It seems once the application gets to a certain stage in their system, underwriting can't do anything. But if you reapply and it gets automatically referred and put in pending, then it's "available" for them to do whatever they said they would do. I had it denied, approved but not showing, denied again, approved and attached to someone else's account (a person who came in for a replacement card while someone was on hold and they screwed up something), approved and showing under my membership but the computer wouldn't print the credit card just a normal one, etc.


In my case, it all worked out like they said it would -- and other than my time wasted in the store inquiries and reporting and all that were either correct from the beginning or fixed without further action on my part.


i had issue with Sams, not GE. everyone I spoke with at GE was embarrassed, polite, and trying to be helpful. I had the entire management staff of the Sams club trying to help me at one point or another and each one proved they either knew nothing or cared. A lone front line CSR stayed helping me after her managers gave up and between the three of us (GE on the phone) we were able to figure out the very simple issue that the manager should have known about.

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Re: GE is not always great...

Wow, sorry to hear about this mess. Hopefully it will work out in the end, keep us posted!

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Re: GE is not always great...

This is why I prefer to fill out apps myself online.

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Re: GE is not always great...

that's horrible.....

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