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GEMB CC CLI Question

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Re: GEMB CC CLI Question

Uniqua wrote:
Fevmlo, you can use the card at both stores?

I remember having a Children's Place store card. Once my son grew out of the clothes, I stopped shopping there. If I knew then what I know now I would have kept using the card to buy items for my great nephews and great nieces and birthday gifts for the children of friends. I just let the card sit until they closed it on me. It's not due to fall off my CR for a few years so the age is definitely helping me out.

 And double-duh, I didn't finish typing before posting! Meant to say... yep, I agree - there's no way I want to let the card just close, especially as it's for a store I will shop in at some point, I just haven't been big on the clothes-buying this year (got a house, instead) - it would be seriously annoying to go in there and try to use the card and find out that, oops, too late, it just got closed today. As my loooong credit history only dates back to May 2007, that BR card is going to be one of my oldest accounts one of these days (well, it already is, I suppose!) - I really must be careful NOT to let it close!

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Re: GEMB CC CLI Question

Fev, if you can use the charge card at either store, more than likely you can use the gift card at either store. Check out their website and see what it says.

Haven't shopped at Gap or BR in so many years. Think I may get my son a gift card to Gap for X-mas and let him buy himself some clothes. Gotta ween him off Mama. Smiley Happy Thanx for the idea.
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Re: GEMB CC CLI Question

LOL. I don't think you have anything to worry about. It took probably close to 2 years before my Children's Place card was closed by credit grantor. But, yes, you definitely want to get some usage on the card. You made the wisest decision by choosing a home over clothes. I'll be doing the same thing as I will be purchasing a home myself very soon.
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Re: GEMB CC CLI Question

Well I did a few things today .. in hopes of helping along my changes of getting CLIs, or at the very least.. to keep from getting Cld.  First I put $30.00 on my lil $200 CL Target card that has been at a 0 balance for a couple of months now.  Several people have said they have said they have gotten CLIs to $1000 over the past couple of weeks.  I also finally used my JCP card that I have had since April, but never used.  It has just $250 CL and I spent about $120.00.  Someone suggested that the way to get a CLI with them is to use it heavily and PIF.  I fear doing that because, especially now, I wonder if heavy use will be warning signs to banks.  I also put $40.00 on Walmart. It certainly would be nice to get a nice increase from them at this time of year. 


Then I went to Firestone.  I got approved for $1200.00 in March or so... and because I did it on line, after I got approved, I had to go to the store to submit an application with my signature.. I did that way back in April.  I logged into my account a couple of weeks ago to find my CL to be 0. Fortunately, they say it is because they never got my paper application, so I submitted another one.  I hope they have changed their practice of not reporting actual credit lines. A $1200 will do wonders for my utilization... currently the card reports on my CRs as 0 CL as well.


We shall see what using and PIF or almost IF does for me.

*Note to self* Remember why and for how long you had to rebuild in the first place! One Day at a Time, One Day at a Time!
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Re: GEMB CC CLI Question

Why doesnt GEMB make a universal store CC Geez they issue like every dept store it seems. That would probably make things a lot less expensive for them.
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