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GEMB CLI for Credit Cards

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GEMB CLI for Credit Cards

Hey Everyone,


I was seeing my GEMB card bills in the mail the other day and I always look to see if they CLI me, but they never do. Well this last time I received my Room to go Credit statement(GEMB) and at the top of the page I saw they told me that I have a CLI. So I went to check and they pushed me from 3k to 5k!! Now I do not use that card a lot for obvious reasons but that is pretty cool as that has been my highest limit in years. I also thought I would give the CLI online a try and see what happens. Well, THe walmart card said no, the JCpenney Said No, but then I went to paypal and they gave me a CLI of 250, and Sams increased me 600. SO I think that was pretty cool. And I guess I will have to wait for the others to increase.


Thanks for letting me share!



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Re: GEMB CLI for Credit Cards

Remember you can ask for CLIs 4 months after the previous ones as well.  You don't have to wait for them to auto-CLI.

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