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GEMB Cli - Wow, sooo generous!

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Re: GEMB Cli - Wow, sooo generous!

Bella1980 wrote:

I went online and pressed the luv button on 3 of my GEMB accounts today.


Dillards storecard went from $180 to $300.


Paypal line of credit went from $300 to $425.


Walmart store card got denied any increase from $500.


The cli's were pretty small but its GEMB and so at least they didn't cut the lines! 


Congrats Bella! GEMB takes some work to get those little increases, but hang in there. The way they have been cutting and closing lines, we are lucky to still have ours! You've done great work with all of your cards so far. Smiley Happy


See my reply regarding walmart above.

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