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GEMB/Macy's Credit Issues Mailing Address?

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Re: GEMB/Macy's Credit Issues Mailing Address?

pjriverap wrote:
Thank you all for the dialog!

Well, I called "Macy's Credit Services" and they were no help! After three transfers they said I had to take this issue up with the CRA...even though they had NO idea why those inquiries took place.

The interesting thing is that on their support site you can only chat with them or setup a call back - there's no address.

The other issue I've noticed is that the inquiries report as GEMB/Macys, however, my closed account reports as DSNB/Macys - now I'm really I guess I will send a letter to the Texas address maybe?

Again, I **bleep** GEMB to hell for their involvement in this mess! They must really hate me-

Message Edited by pjriverap on 11-01-2007 05:31 PM

Thats the same as my Macy's card.  I would use the OH address above.

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