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GEMB Strikes Again

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Re: GEMB Strikes Again

mjbfan79, no I did not carry a balance for a long time.  Over the course of this past year, the highest balance I carried was about 300.00.  I have paid it down to zero over the past year several times.  I used it quite frequently and have always kept the account in excellent standing. 

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Re: GEMB Strikes Again

They did it to me with my PayPal, so I closed the account.  Then I paid off my Chevron and closed it.  Then, I paid off my Walmart and closed it.  Next, I am going to pay off my Car Care One account and close it too!  The only one I will keep of theirs is the CareCredit account since it has zero interest on everything for 2 years.  So I will keep that account just in case I need some major dental or my dog needs surgery.   They will never get a dime off me ever again!!  Screw GEMB!!
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Re: GEMB Strikes Again

I think I am glad that the intersection of GEMB credit offerings and my portfolio = the null set!
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