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GEMB shows luv , CLI

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GEMB shows luv , CLI

wanted to share my experience with great members on this great website which has been a guide to me through all of my rebuilding process.


Last night hit the luv button on my paypal, almost time for the fourth statement to cut out went from 400------> 4000 woohoooo


Tried walmart discover card , almost time for my 4th statement to cut out on this too , went from 1000------->3500 , gave me a message to call underwriting dept 

which i wanted to share if , i needed additional amount , dont know if this is unusual , well the number is 1-877-379-8174


Next went to sams, i had gotten a CLI 2 months back on this, but hit the luv button anyways, declined message.


Well my story is i had a horrible credit report 10 years back, and i never touched my credit report or looked at it until summer of last year.


I started to delete all the baddies thanks to this forum, it has been a part of my everyday life, and i learned a lot from every member and thier experiences.


It all started with orchard bank my first unsecured card $500 limit after 10 years in july 2010.


Today I am at $70,000 available credit, thanks to navy , my local credit union, GEMB , AMEX , BOFA secured(500) ------> unsecured by the way which is at $4000 now,


My scores are still around 690's.


Its just that anyone who is willing to work hard and follow the suggestions posted here will have success no matter what thier credit rating might be. there is always room for improvement.


I am going into garden mode for the next 2 years, i have frozen all my credit reports, i have a ton of enquiries through all this that i have acheived.

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Re: GEMB shows luv , CLI



----->  Today I am at $70,000 available credit


 Wow !!!!


Thanks for sharing your success - you have done a great job rebuilding !!!

March2010 FICO® ~ 695 TU, 653 EQ, 697 EX
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Re: GEMB shows luv , CLI


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