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Good luck-- let us know how it turns out.

siangirl34 wrote:
I think I have a good case. I've had other lenders have the same id verification problem and they DID NOT pull a CR, as they were not able to complete the application. I allowed them to pull my CR in order to consider me for credit with them. If they are not going to consider me for credit, based on their unwillingness to attempt to verify my identity, then they should not have pulled my CR.

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I applied and got 4 GEMB cards and all my accounts were closed and flagged as fraud.  I call and they will not help me stating I have to wait on my letter to arrive.  SO I called the fraud department and talked with a manager who told me to take a government issued id and a bill verifying my proof of residence to walmart.  I did that and walmart lp did not know what to do nor walmart csrs nor lp manager.  They called and talked with a rep and not a manager who told them i needed to wait on my letter and the account could not be reopened.  I have 4 new accounts on my credit reports stating closed by credit grantor.  If they do not reopen them once i receive the letter then they need to remove the accounts and inquiries from my credit reports so my scores can go back up.

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