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GF becoming P2 but has no credit cards but has credit history

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GF becoming P2 but has no credit cards but has credit history

So my GF is planning on becoming P2. She has no credit cards of her own but I have her as am AU on a few of mine which are always PIF. She has a long relationship with Chase (checking account from college) as well mortgage with them. Student loans in good standing with 100% on time payments. I was looking to have her apply for Chase Ink Cash but was wondering if she should get her own personal card first or would me having her as an AU help for approval? Her scores are 790+ and she's below 5/24. Thank you in advance!!!
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Re: GF becoming P2 but has no credit cards but has credit history

What is P2? Does she have a small business?


I would think Chase, of all creditors, would want to see her have her own $5,000 + credit line before they would issuer her any kind of card-but I could be wrong. 


I would do two things: 1) if she has a banking relationship with Chase, she should go into a branch and see if she has any pre-approvals for credit cards. She may need to speak to a Business Relationship Manager (BRM) for the Ink cards, but they should point her to the right direction once she gets there and  2) go to a creditors website that offers pre-approval to see what she may qualify for (such as Discover or Amex).

That does not mean go ahead and apply, it just means that they will SP her bureau and if it comes back with good offers, that *may* be an indication that prime lenders will offer her credit


Don't even do my #2...just go to a Chase branch and see if there are any offers and speak to a BRM regarding Ink.

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