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Gap Card Upgrade

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Gap Card Upgrade

Good day everyone. Just thought I would share an exciting upgrade! Yesterday I went to Gap to make a few purchases. I log on to my account today (I haven't been on my gap card account in months) to check my balance, pay my bill, etc. This is the first time I've used my card in a while. It started with a 200 CL and increased to 650 after four months. I had only used it once before the CLI. This was actually my 2nd time using the card. I've had it for less than 8 months now as I was waiting for my next 4 months to pass to request a CLI. Anyway I was browsing through the site and noticed that there was an upgrade offer I had never seen before. I clicked it and it upgraded me to the Gap Visa where I earn a point per every dollar everywhere Visa is accepted!!! It also increased my CL to 2000.


The only thing that confuses me is now when I log in, it has 2 accounts and asks me which one I want to manage. It also has a note that I can call the 800 number to combine accounts to make things easier and earn more rewards. Not sure what that's all about anyway I'm excited.


Just wanted to let everyone know so that you can check the link at the top of your account called special offers. I might not have clicked it if I hadn't been browsing. No telling how long that has been there.



Current Scores: EX - 728 FICO (5/11/13) TU - 771 FICO (7/02/13) EQ ??

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