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Garden Club - August 2017

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

1st Time Gardening, 1st Day...wish me luck!!!

Started rebuilding mid-June, got my first big cc in July and now gardening to watch the scores grow hopefully while maintaining low util and taking care of the baddies along the way.


Looking forward to staying strong with fellow club members Smiley Happy

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Starting FICO8 Scores 06/26/2017: EQ 550 TU 554 EX 574, Current FICO8 Scores: 8/8/2017: EQ 569 TU 580 EX 591
NFCU 291/450 as of 06/17
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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Happy August everyone. Summer is zooming by as usual. Credit scores up slightly. Two months app free. Staying that way for foreseeable future. Stay strong y'all!!!

Fico 8 scores: EX 849 EQ 831 TU 827
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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Smiley Happy Checking in for August, gardening strong!

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Gardening Date 7/01/16 / MyFico 08: EQ 801 / TU 777 / EX 771 / 06/08/17
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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Page 1!!!! BAM y'all... Welcome to August!! I'll be updating my spade later on today... Nothing being apped for until January. Got big balances to pay off on two accounts that I have promotional low APR's on. Also going to the patch so I can quit smoking. Gonna be a stressful month... Hope I don't get fat... Too late!! Baaaahahaha!!!!
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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Good Morning Everyone!!!!!




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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Ok, ok, i just woke up having my morning Joe and i just realize its the 1stSmiley Wink 2 pages in , wow!

Congrats to the ladies, Anusara, you have won the deal of a lifetimeSmiley Happy, Who needs lottery when you can meet and greet the average one hahaSmiley Happy

Good to see you Bella! Lol GOONIES for life!!!!

Little disappointed with Citi today was supposed to be my 6 months to try to get my first sp cli with my Dc but seems they continue to not like me. Used to have the sp language but they revoked that and now they need to pull a report and of course they always want Equifax Smiley Sad. Ah well, i think ill sd that for awhile, everyone else is growing but them so ill let them stew for awhileSmiley Wink

Before my Ex refreezes, i checked my Discover scorecard and my Ex was 750 yesterday! Another all time high! Though i do expect it to crash somewhat once my new Boa limit reports. Well, everyone continue being strong, another month downSmiley Wink


Gardening since 6/13/18
Goal: No hps or cli requests at least til 1/1/19, 7/13/20 preferable
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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

I'm back.  I got lost for a few months.  Rejoining the garden for the time being.  We hopped out on June 21st to take hard pulls to buy our first home.  We closed this past Friday, July 28th and are getting settled into the new place.  I didn't do the proverbial app spree after closing.  There is a slight possibility that we'll step out of the garden temporarily for furniture if we don't pay cash. My wife is five months pregnant and our first little munchkin is due in November so we'll be switching from house hunting mode to 'baby watch/prep 2017' very soon.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Aww congrats on the baby, Pedro!!

I’m hereeeee for another month. August will make 4 months. Also my 7th discover statement cuts this month I’m hoping they think I’ve been a good girl and will unsecure me. They obviously didn’t think I was good enough to get it done a little early.

Anyone here going to be in the path of the eclipse on the 21st? Schools and everything is closing around here for it. But it will be neat I’m looking forward to it!

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Happy August fellow Gardener's ....... and Joey!  Well the gardening thing is working, my score is up again, now in the high 700's sadly this has been a long climb since my fall from grace due to that HIDEOUS "nissan finance" late pay fiasco.....OH will I ever see the 800's again? Luckily there are no cards I am interested in and have cut the herd plenty....only thing on the horizon would POSSIBLY be the new BOA premium card, but we will see, it would REALLY have to be good and if I gain one I will delete one. My new rule!!  LOL   ENJOY!

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Greetings everyone!  I hope that your garden is glorious in August.  

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