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Garden Club - August 2017

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

What a nice group of people! Hi again, just here today (and yesterday) and then flying out for another week of  work. Will be back the 8th or 9th. Get my spade again lol.. Nice to see everyone so chipper, good luck all this month. This is the BMOA, it's my birthday month! Special congrats to Pedro! Nice going!

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

August checking for me. Sometimes when it rains it pours. Had a collection hit my bureaus but it was paid to the original creditor, so when the collection agency spoke with me it gave me great pleasure to tell them that it was already taken care of and I expect them to remove it posthaste. They claimed they would but no movement on that front yet. I should be back in a couple of weeks to get my silver spade. Then I'll hunker down on the other stuff I need to work on, but still just try the SP for NFCU after 91 days. Too tempting to not try. 

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Sorry to hear about your nephew Medicgrrl Smiley Sad . Wish him a speedy recoverySmiley Happy

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Checking in for August. I'm back to a seedling again - but I picked up... <mod edit>. Also picked up an auto CLI from Discover and Cap1 this month, so I'm feeling pretty good about things. The plan for the rest of 2017 is to sit back, enjoy the cards and limits I have, and not apply for anything new. If I get some more auto CLI's or SP CLI's then great, but other than that, I do not foresee a reason to apply for anything else in the near future.


Hope everyone has a great August!


Mod note:  It's fine to announce SP CLIs here, but remember the Garden rules for new approvals - save those for the 'approvals' forum!  Smiley Wink

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Thanks AVJ... luckily he didn't hurt his noggin but he'll probably be out of work for about 6 months.

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Good morning, GCers - 


Checking in for August. Nothing much to report. I've been battling issues with my elbow (I play neither golf nor tennis - but yet, I have both afflictions) - going to see my doctor today, so hopefully I'll get some help in that regard.


In any case, I've been hanging out in my little plot, staying the course with my credit. My FICO8s have broken 800 across the board. 


I had a stupid realization in June. Seems to me that US Bank wants my REI WMC to be my daily driver (...and why wouldn't they know that my Citi DC is my daily driver when they knew that odd_dog was no longer a customer and playing with their prequals?) My REI WMC gives me 5%CB on REI purchases and 1% CB on non-REI purchases. I had an offer to get 2% statement credit (up $100 back) once I spend more than $200 between June 1 and July 31. It dawned on me that once I met the minimum threshold (which I can maximize by spending that $$$ at REI, an easy task), that the card is effectively a 3% (or 7% on REI sale items, or 17% on REI full price items) CB card for $5000 spend in a 2 month period! Duh! Today, I got another 2% statement credit offer (up to $100 back) for August and September after only $100 spend.  Not bad, so I'll take it!


Heading to Hawaii (big island) at the end of the month, and I am so looking foward to the hug that the Earth gives me when I go diving. Smiley Happy  I am near the path of totality for the eclipse (which is actually about 40 miles south of me but working overnight before, and traffic will be horrendous), so my plan is go to the park across the street from my place set up a chair and maybe my camera (I'm debating the purchase of a solar fliter).


Anyways, all....stay boring, and garden strong. Smiley Happy 


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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Well, that was fun ... no app spree or anything like that, just killing time while in between conference calls and figured it's been a couple months since my last Overstock/Wayfair CLIs ... no harm in asking. 


$300 each ... so a nice little $600 addition to the overall limit Smiley Happy 

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

I'm back!
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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Hello Everyone,


I'm checking in for August. I'm waiting for my remaining baddie to fall off TU and EX (it's paid in full and NY has a 5 year exclusionary rule). EQ went over 700 about 10 days ago when the NY tax lien fell off and I anticipate the same for TU and EX once everything's done.The tax lien is apparently also off of TU and EX.


The big news, however, is as of today I have paid off the furniture for my new house, which effectively leaves me with only two monthly charges reporting on my cards. I was glad to get that done and over with since it means everything related to the move has been paid off. 


Having said that, Mr. and Mrs. Bizarro will be taking a vacation from 8th through the 13th. We both need to take time off from our busy lives. We'll use our cards, but with our agressive PIF policy, we'll have everything paid off quickly.


Anyway, hope you all are doing well and the scores keep growing while the debts keep shrinking. Smiley Happy

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Hello MyFico family.


Checking in for the month of August.  Will hit 8 months soon.  Happily spending my time in the garden.  Stay strong everyone....and have a great month.Smiley Very Happy

Gardening till December 2019
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