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Garden Club - August 2017

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Mikpsdad1 wrote:
5 months! Amex 3x to 9k. Going to see what cap one has to say about cli tomorrow. Not expecting much...barely use it! Happy gardening!

Nice with the 3x!


I cant wait until day number 61 lolololol, im contemplating asking 4x to 8k rather than the 3x to 6k (from SL 2k) thoughts, Anyone? I used a sizable chuck of my CL first month (52%) should i use it as much next (this) month? I think using more of the cl will help the  clis... 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Good morning boys and girls.


It's been an exciting week at job A.  Rather stressful tho.  Corporate is playing musical chairs from afar... in theory, it doesn't really affect me much, but I work very closely with people that it really does apply to.  Lots of sad faces. 


Getting through July was challenging, and I was hoping for a more relaxed August... THAT didn't happen...


No real news on the credit front... sitting here in the garden behaving myself.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Gardening strong while trying to resist a new account application here or there. Some new cards have tempted me but truth, the USAA Limitless Cash VS is hard to resist and I don't have to work hard to use it. Looked at the US Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite and then passed on it. Hard to beat UR points from Chase. Oh well I will stay the course in the Garden for the time being

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Gregory1776 being thst your account is new , i would just go for the 3x , as thats the tried and true method for free sp luv from Amex. Asking for more might be possible but may invite a hp. Lots of people get low sl and put tons through it and that sometimes doesnt sway Amex to give up the ghostSmiley Wink. Just think you could go to 6 then 18 in only 2 stepsSmiley Happy Patience is the key lol.
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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Hi!  **waves to everyone while passing around freshly-made lemonade...made with real lemons!**  Smiley Happy


I'm still here in the Garden...although I haven't posted much.  Still haven't felt the need for new plastic in my wallet; so my report is still clean (may not be for long, though; seriously thinking about buying a new car).


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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Hi Everyone.  


i'm checking back in for another month.   I see all these offers and extra spend bonuses and i just want to jump on them asap.   However, i'm a rebuilder and not that long ago i think i actually heard them tell me i couldnt finance a piece of cardboard. haha   I'm slowly working on everything and maybe next year i can get some shiny new spend bonus CB cards.    Till then, i'm going to SP my limits and see what happens.   since i'm not a doctor, i have no patience, so this is even more of a learning lesson for me.    Thanks all and good luck on your gardening as well.

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

HIIIIIIII YALL! Smiley Very Happy Guess whos still in the garden!  The end of this month will be 8 months for me which is definitly a record Smiley Happy!  Annnnnnnnd I am finally starting to see some of the garden benefits.  While they do not come automatically, they are coming with soft pulls... I have received TWO CLI's ...  WOOT WOOT!! (currently dancing)... I am super excited because I have only asked for two and I didn't ask for very much but what I do know it, they weren't approving me for any inreases in the past so this is super great news.  One from comenity bank and the other from syncrony bank.  I haven't asked any major credit cards yet... I'm still trigger shy when it comes to them.  I have been teetering between asking NFCU for a personal loan to pay off my one Large credit card but I truly do not want to come out of the garden.  What do you all think... keep a balance of almost 10K at almost 30% ORRR try for a personal loan to get the lower interest rate and pay it off in full.  Its the only balance I have, all other cards are zero and PIF each month.  I want to garden strong so let me know folks :-)

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Happy August fellow gardeners! Planting my seedling again after a busy July. Closed on the house and picked up a few cards. Not looking forward to seeing my scores dip after my mortgage reports, utilization goes up (financed some appliances and furniture for the house), new inquiries, and new accounts report. But crossing fingers they will bounce back soon enough. Anyhow, just stopping by to say hi!  ✋🏼

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Hello gardeners.🌳 I'm committing to stay in here as long as possible. After doing my last app spree for HomeDepot, Nordstrom, Venture and Citi DC for whatever reason, I'm not apping anymore 🤞

I thought it'll be easy to stay in garden but far from it, garden discipline is proven to be much more difficult then I though.


I salute you all gardeners for amazing discipline. Awesome job. 👍

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Re: Garden Club - August 2017

Hello all, after 8 cards in 3 months, I'm ready to join the garden club.  Just one question, where are all the food and beverages mentioned in OP?
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