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Garden Club - February 2018

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Re: Garden Club - February 2018


Wow!   Very impressive and after my own heart.  I want a diamond too, but I don't want to wait two years.  My DH owes me a replacement one, my center diamond fell out and we haven't been able to replace it.  Maybe when we earn a diamond here we can get a diamond in real life too...time to start saving so we don't have to leave the garden to get one!
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Re: Garden Club - February 2018

Hello fellow GCers.


Went on a short vacation middle of last month, and well, couldn't keep up with the January thread when I got back. Welcome new gardeners, welcome back gardeners, and I am sorry for missing all the usual fun conversations. Smiley Happy 


Checking in for Februrary. Nothing new or exciting from the credit world to report, this month marks my eleventh month in the garden, which is 2 months longer since I started to frequent the boards. I really love the emerald spade (which is weird because I fancy me some sapphires IRL), so I think I'll shoot for that later this year. Maybe. We'll see. Eek. 


Incidentally the locking of CR and plain ole inertia has made this a lot easier to maintain. Smiley Tongue 


Garden strong, folks. 



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Re: Garden Club - February 2018

Check in for Feb 18.
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Re: Garden Club - February 2018

Happy February.  Here’s to another month with no apps. Starting month 9 with no apps in sight. Will drop an inquiry this month on all three and will have no inquiries effecting my EQ by March. Took some big hits on that one last year after moving. Scores are doing well overall. Just enjoying the garden and waiting for spring.  

Fico 8 scores: EX 845 TU 827 EQ 826
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Re: Garden Club - February 2018

Happy February everyone! Excited to spend the 14th with my Bull Terrier, Roman. 

Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: Garden Club - February 2018

Smiley Happy Checking in for February still gardening strong!

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Re: Garden Club - February 2018

February check in. In about 2 weeks it will be 4 months. Am thinking it is a good thing I stayed in the garden instead of applying using the excuse of anticipated big spend aka yearly vacation with friends. It so happened that my friend wanted to use her credit card instead. There goes my chance of 3% cash back. :'( There's always next year. Smiley Wink
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Re: Garden Club - February 2018

good morning here i am.. valentines day bah humbug.. its a weekday this year any way. we both have to work plus its ash wednesday.. so.. no candy for you! ha!

is it summer yet?
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Re: Garden Club - February 2018


Time to play some Shirley Bassey diamonds are forever, just earned my diamond!

Very nice, I'm happy for you! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Garden Club - February 2018

Good morning boys and girls.


Three BT's from last week posted overnight.  Currently, there is only one in process, with three more pending when their statements cut.


It is indeed February.  We've got about 19 days before the next round of statements start cutting with DW's new and improved cranberry, and by early March, her Fico8 scores should see a nice boost.  (Hoping for 700s!)


Hope that you are all off to a good start!


Gardening 18 Apr 2018-01 Nov 2018. Race me for the Gold!
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