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Garden Club - March 2018


Garden Club - March 2018

 Welcome Garden Club Members!irishHat.jpg


Welcome all new GCers, returning GCers and old timers to our little island of "No Credit Applications"!

What is gardening?  Quite simply, it involves refraining from applying for new credit or seeking CLIs that require hard pulls. Soft pull CLIs, however, are not only acceptable, but are encouraged. The idea is to allow one's current trade lines to grow and mature, waiting for inquiries to age or fall off, and possibly waiting for "baddies" to be removed/age off. During this time, one tends to one's current accounts and watches their AAoA (average age of accounts) grow and the new credit ding fade. Here we socialize, commiserate and support each other while waiting for baddies to fall off, new accounts and/or inquiries to age or if we just want a place to hang out to get away from the hustle and bustle of credit card talk.

So, if you're at the stage of your credit journey where you're ready to enter the garden, please come and join us. You may pick up your complimentary watering can and garden gloves by the front door - you can even choose your favorite color! We're proud to offer a well-appointed clubhouse. There is a snack table set up. You'll always find camaraderie available here as you work towards your gardening goals.


Help yourself to our drinks and appetizers. Flat-breads, sliders, pizza, buffalo wings, grilled zucchini, kale salads, pecan and apple pie à la mode. There's also a nice selection of cold beers. Once again, please feel free to bring anything you'd like to add to the festivities. And, in the corner diagonally across from the front door, there is a fully stocked bar, along with a wide selection of soft drinks. If needed, there are some anti-itch medications stocked in our supply cabinet near the door - Lanacaine, Benadryl, etc. If you need to place your reports in the deep freeze, we also have a freezer, located next to the bar, so go ahead and throw your reports in!

So come on in and make yourself comfortable. Make a gardening plan and commit to sticking with it! Are you planning to wait six months before applying for additional credit? A year? Until the last of your baddies drop off? Whatever your goal, we're here to support you. If you feel the "app-itch" coming on, let us know and we'll try to help you through it.

Now, if you happen to leave the garden prematurely, that's your decision and we respect that. You are always welcome to come back, pick up your gardening tools and start over again. But please, celebrate any approvals and the discussion of which credit card to app for on another thread. While we are happy with members’ success stories, we really do want to keep this threads focus and tone to be consistent with gardening efforts. You are certainly welcome to celebrate SP CLIs in this thread, as they do not involve inquiries or apps for new credit.



Garden Club Challenge: Pick a firm date for staying in the garden and post it in your siggy!


Garden Club recognition levels: To qualify, your reports must contain:

  • No new tradelines of any type on one's accounts (this includes any backdated account, as they are STILL new "seedlings").
  • No HPs for anything that would allow for the possibility of a new tradeline being issued or increasing the CL of an existing tradeline.

*The Garden Club community recognizes that certain inquiries are necessary for factors beyond those listed above. Therefore, Hard Pulls/Inquiries for the following bona fide reasons are exempt but not limited to: Opening checking/savings accounts (so long as no line of credit is being opened in addition to these accounts), employment applications, apartment rentals, utilities and other such services. These are not considered to be applications for credit per se.


Also, for those who are seeking a new mortgage or refinancing an existing one, we understand that your lender will pull your credit reports multiple times before closing. For those GC'ers, the first HP will set your clock, not the subsequent pulls. However, if you are simply rate shopping, then the normal HP rules apply.

You will be able to add the following to your siggy if you have been abiding by the above for the following time periods...


Less than 1 month - seedling
1 month - bronze spade
3 months - silver spade
6 months - gold spade
9 months - palladium spade
12 months - platinum spade
15 months - ruby spade
18 months - emerald spade
21 months - sapphire spade
24 months or more - diamond spade


Please note: recognition levels reset once you add an account or incur a HP. We recognize that there may be very good reasons for "leaving the garden," and we respect whatever thoughtful decisions members make. As stated previously, members are always welcome to come back, grab their gloves and start gardening once more.


To add the code, click 'My Settings', then 'Personal Information', then paste the code into the 'Signature' box.  When you're finished, be sure to click 'Save' at the bottom of the page!  


*New forum members may be unable to add/edit HTML; see note below.

To ensure that your graphic comes out properly on your siggy, please be certain that it has been added as the very first line of code.

Seedling: seedling-transparent.png


<img src="" title="Seedling Garden Club Member" border="0" width="50" height="67" align="right">



<img src="" border="0" title="Bronze Garden Club Member" width="40" height="40" align="right">



<img src="" border="0" title="Silver Garden Club Member" width="40" height="40" align="right">



<img src="" border="0" title="Gold Garden Club Member" width="40" height="40" align="right">

 Palladium: palladium.png


<img src="" title="Palladium Garden Club Member" border="0" width="40" height="40" align="right">



<img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Platinum Garden Club Member" width="120" height="80" align="right" />

 Ruby: ruby.png


<img src="" border="0" title="Ruby Garden Club Member" width="40" height="40" align="right">

 Emerald: emerald.png


<img src="" border="0" width="40" title="Emerald Garden Club Member" height="40" align="right">



<img src="" border="0" width="40" title="Sapphire Garden Club Member" height="40" align="right">



<img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Diamond Garden Club Member" width="40" height="40" align="right" />


So, please feel free to come on in and share your gardening progress. If you're new or returning, what are your goals? If you've been here for a while, how are things going? Let's all mingle, and support each other in our respective gardening efforts!



*Just a reminder, if you are new to the forum you may not be able to add a seedling or spade to your profile.  Send any moderator a PM and we'll add it for you.  Smiley Wink


You can also use the "Report Inappropriate Content" option on any post to notify a moderator; be sure to indicate that you need __________ spade. (seedling, bronze, etc.)


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Re: Garden Club - March 2018

Ah, the month of March where I keep feeling old turning 32 lol. All I want for my birthday month is to have this shoulder get better. Not asking for a lot I would think. Smiley LOL

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Re: Garden Club - March 2018

Yay second!

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Re: Garden Club - March 2018

Happy March, everybody!  wavey_zps81xnuobx.gif

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Re: Garden Club - March 2018

I’m still gardening. Smiley Happy I’m going for my nine month gardening mark in a few weeks. I’ve been tempted a time or two but I am staying the course for now. Scores are continuing to rise after starting my rebuild in June of 2015.

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Re: Garden Club - March 2018

Good Morning everyone From Dubai my second home AKA Ritz Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al beach. 9:04am

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Re: Garden Club - March 2018

This is one of the few times I’ve made it on the first page for the gardening thread. It’s one of the joys of an infant in the house now.🙂 I figured I’d wake my daughter before I headed to bed and feed her now versus her waking up in a few short hours.

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Re: Garden Club - March 2018


Ah, the month of March where I keep feeling old turning 32 lol. All I want for my birthday month is to have this shoulder get better. Not asking for a lot I would think. Smiley LOL

To expand on this because I couldn't get it in on February's thread because I'm slow and had to retype it as a result. Smiley Sad


I seem to have suffered a shoulder injury earlier this week that hurt a lot to move til today when I finally got prescription painkillers for it; hoping it'll make sleeping easier tonight assuming I can. Happened while randomly reaching for something in the office and felt something give that was painful. Supposedly according to the MRI it's a small rotator cuff tear that should heal with regular RICE method in a week or so so doctor suggested little to no shoulder movement other than gentle stretching to prevent frozen shoulder and also gave me some stronger version of store NSAIDs. I'm hoping it'll heal by the end of next week so keeping fingers crossed with next week's checkup.

FICO 08 Scores (Jun-18): TU 795, EQ 797, EX 791

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Re: Garden Club - March 2018

All the scheesnee in the world couldn't have made me any luckier than in the first 10 responses! Smiley Happy 


Happy March! Lot of excitement, except for my credit. 


Credit is as boring as ever. My scores continue to sit stagnant (at least, I'm happy with my scores). Outside of my Citi cards, I am pretty much tapped out with CLI requests. I have been requesting SP CLI with my Citi DC and Costco cards every 6 months, and I am due for this month.  


Less boring (or really more boring?) is my one year anniversary in the garden coming up on the 9th of March.  Now that I've been in the garden for a year, I keep thinking about stepping out to get something for my trip to Europe in May, but then I remember that the Citi Costco Visa no longer has an FTF. That, in itself, makes me stay in the garden. Well, that, and my sheer laziness to unlock my CR. Smiley Happy 


This is my birthday month, so yay for being another year older. I head to Hawaii (big island) the week after next to celebrate. This will be the second year in a row where I will spend part of my birthday in the ocean going SCUBA diving. I did it last year, and I have vowed to try to do it every year. 


I wish you all a happy March. May the wind stay at your back, and may your gardening goals all be met.


Garden strong, friends. Smiley Tongue 






Garden Club Member since 4/1/2018
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Re: Garden Club - March 2018

In 1 week it will be 1 month since I started gardening...

Hope to get CLI from Chase, Disco and Overstock this year and get my total CL to $20k. I just started to carry my balance for the first time (using Chase Freedom). Always PIFd with CapOne, but I want to take advantage of their 0% APR and also practice and see how it works for me. Still making 1-2 payments of $50 between statements. I wonder if they will auto CLI.


On another hand, I'm going to spend under $100 on my Disco and PIF. Try some luv 31,61,91 days and eventually after 6 mo will carry my balance too. Nothing serious probably $200-600 for the rest of their promo APR.


CapOne was downgraded by me and is only used for McDonalds and Burger King. Sometimes Arby's. They refused to CLI and PC so $5-10/mo is my budget on it.


I bought some furniture from Overstock and waiting for my statement. PIF then hibernate for 6-9 mo till the holiday season. Hope they will give me CLI to $3-5k within a year.


P.S.: I've already spent over $500 on Chase and they gave me $150.01. Direct Deposited to my checking. Had around 16,500 UP.

Capital One Secured 1/17 $351 -> $651
Amazon Prime Store Card 7/17 $2300 -> $3300 -> $5500
Suntrust Cash Rewards 1/18 $4000 AU closed
Capital One Spark Business 1/18 $2000
Overstock 1/18 $1400->$3400
Chase Freedom 1/18 $2500
Discover It 2/18 $2000
Gardening since 2/8/18 before applying for mortgage
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