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Garden Club - May 2017

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Checking in for May...May 5 I get a spade again.

TU fico08=834 04/28/18
EX fico08=825 05/19/18
EQ fico08=826 04/18/18
EX fico09=818 05/05/18
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

UncleB wrote:

beautifulblaquepearl wrote:

UncleB wrote:

That's a good question... I constantly check, so if it does show back up I'll mostly likely see it promptly.  Smiley Happy

That said, I have another card with Amex now, so they might not be eager to give me another shot at a pre-approval for the installment loan.  My fingers are crossed, though!  Smiley Wink

Maybe it's all about timing. I know they are extending additional offers because I've received them. 

Hopefully that's a good sign for me... I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open!  Smiley Wink


(Thanks for letting me know they're making offers again!) Smiley Very Happy

I hope it is UncleB. You're welcome.

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

beautifulblaquepearl wrote:
I know you have a big cheesy grin on your face right now.Smiley Wink Congrats Revelate!

Ah FML: the cheesy grin was short-lived.  Experian nuked my two remaining lates (30/60 in combination) and that old BOFA tradeline is now in pristine condition as verified on a report from Experian.


I wasn't really tracking my EQ scores much beyond FICO 8 and FICO 5 as I didn't really care about the rest, but I have been tracking my EX 1B scores while doing this zero balances testing, and this is no bueno when the one score as near as I can tell nobody uses goes up, and the rest go down.  20 points on EX FICO 2 is an entire mortgage tier, and the only change is the 30/60 getting whacked.  As stated: FML sometimes when it comes to FICO... really curious now what my scores will do when the PLOC reports which is presumably counted as a revolver on all models, but that won't help my EX FICO 2 as my HELOC was counting there.  Not happy, not in the slightest about that as that's one of the few scores I actually think matters.  


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EX FICO 36796845
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EX FICO 8 BC729723-6
EX FICO 2 BC717705-12
EX FICO 9 BC730723-7
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

I'm holding steady in the garden. I reached my three month mark on April 25th! It's getting easier and easier as time progressss to stay put and let my accounts age. I've been rebuilding since the summer of 2015 so I have several accounts under two years old.
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Present and accounted for!  One month of gardening under my belt. Smiley Wink

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

9 month check up...still app free 😁
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Happy May and happy Birthday month to me. Time to plant the flowers and get the golf clubs going for us northerners. Hope everyone is well. Credit scores continue to recover after my assault the last few months. Staying in the garden until my vehicle lease expires in a couple of months and then staying put until next year. May everyone continue to have success in their endeavors and garden strong. 

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Good morning boys and girls.


It's six oclock in the morning, and we're on page three???


Today, DW will be one year inquiry free on two of the three CRA's, just like me.  Smiley Happy   We're still working on paying down her utilization, and will have them paid down in May, reporting to the CRA's by 05 June or so.  I JUST paid off the only closed account she had with a balance, and her only baddie should fall off somewhere between here and 01 July.  She ought to have a very nice FICO score by July 4th or so. 


I also have a few accounts that are maxed out, and frankly, as we're not applying for anything right now, I don't much care.  Maybe we'll start unmaxing me in June.  We shall see.


Hope y'all are off to a good start.  Happy Monday!

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

I'm still holding strong, almost mortgage time. Good luck everyone with your garden.

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Meet the new thread, same as the old thread. Smiley Very Happy I earned my bronze spade, having passed my first month's mark, and I've adjusted my fall spree plan somewhat especially with the spate of new news about why and how lenders seem to be tightening up. My priority for the post-garden phase is to get a Visa, most likely from one of the CU's; I think I have a pretty fair chance at Penfed but will also look at others such as NFCU, Justice and Apple. I'd also like to get Paypal Credit and/or Walmart store since I'm likely to use them reasonably regularly, and maybe also the Marvel MC (I may have to choose between that and Walmart). I had originally considered going for Amex (BCE most likely) as well, but I'm not sure if my scores will be up to what's optimum for that, so I'll probably leave that for maybe spring of next year.


I'm currently looking at trying for SP CLI's on my unsecured Platinum MC, Discover and Amazon Store Card during the May - June period, depending on how things look overall for CLI's at that time, as all three accounts will have matured enough for CLI attempts at that time.

Ch 7 BK discharged 12/14, well along in rebuilding credit. FICO 5/1/18:TU 664/EX 697/EQ 695 FICO 8 or 696 FICO 9 (Penfed 4/10/18), VS 3.0 4/17/18: TU 713/EX 709/EQ 708. $71,800 revolving credit as of 3/23/18; $4000 Walmart Store Card, $4500 Discover It, $5000 Discover It #2 (new 3/12), $6000 Cap One Quicksilver MC, $6000 Amazon Prime Store Card, $7000 Apple FCU Platinum Visa, $7000 Penfed Power Cash Rewards Visa, $7300 Overstock Store Card, $10K Cap One QS Rewards Visa Signature, $15K Care Credit, $10k PenFed used car loan, $5k Navient student loan, $12.7k Lending Club loan. Resetting the garden clock from 3/12/18...
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