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Garden Club - May 2017

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

TygerHawke wrote:

Greetings Gardeneers!


I'll be joining you for a long stay, assuming nothing odd comes up...I achieved all my new account goals last month, so I am offically DONE apping anything for at least a year! (barring unforeseen circumstances of course)


*looks around* do we have a hot tub?

+1000 !!!!!

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

May 19th - 6 months in the garden. 


This year's goal has been the BoA BBR (x2 haha) and maybe Discover Miles for double cash back, but I don't have the urge to app (except when I found out about the new FNBO card but I'm holding strong!). Right now I am trying to get my spending under control; it's not outrageous (nothing the next paycheck can't handle) but I use YNAB and that RED - it's TAUNTING ME. I could pay it off by moving some funds from another savings account but I don't want to go through the hassle.


PS: Anyone know if transferring funds OUT of DCU will cost me an ACH fee? 


I could not access my Fidelity account on website or mobile app for a few weeks now. I finally called in - and was pleasantly surprised to hear unaccented American voices. My CS experience with Elan was pleasant. I was so irritated with the above issue that I was considering closing or SD'ing the card but the CS experience has changed my mind; I placed the card back in my wallet. Smiley Happy 

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Check in!
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

CreditMagic7 wrote:

Another sure cure way to relax when gardening are those SP CLI's.


When or if you get that itch and urge use that energy to check your possible CLI's that are always a SP Only and if no joy, then try take it in stride that there's one waiting on the next try.



This is what I've been doing. It's theraputic to credit adicts. LOL

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Hello Fellow MyFicoers! I have not been posting recently, though I do come on to read comments often. I have been trying to stay a good and not app for anything. And that is really hard to do when I only have three cards and many people on here have at least double that. Smiley Happy 



But, I am now two months safely tucked away in the Garden after my Venture app in late February--combined my old Quicksilver into the new Venture immediately. And my scores have started to come back already. EX up 5 points and TU up 3 points. EQ stayed the same (even after the app).  


Hanging out in the garden until at least September/October, when my inquires from my first three cards no longer count toward my score. Hopefully, I will continue to see my scores rise!


Happy gardening everyone!

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Doh!!!! Chill out dude! Got a butterfinger? Smiley Wink

Dont worry about hot tubs, when LOTR gets back to the Garden, ill have him import one of those thermal vents thinga magigiesSmiley Wink

Ah, good to see you Possy, only 3 and most have double? C'mon now, this is Ficoland, where 6 only gets you on the wooden rollercoaster! Smiley Wink 3 is good though, 3 always looks good right before 4Smiley Wink

To obtain Credit One Kenobi status upon 0/24 is to Garden Harden!!
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

I am restarting my trek in the garden as I have to get studen loans for school Smiley Sad Waiting for those to hit but then I have my shovel and will NOT be leaving any time soon!

Starting FICO - 534 4/17 - no where to go but up!
570 Ex 6/17
7/17 EQ 576 Ex 595 TU 608
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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

On to the next month

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Starting Score: Ex 450 - Eq 420 - TU 405
Current Score: Ex 649 - Eq 694 - TU 677
Goal Score: 700 --- Taking the myFICO Fitness Challenge and Garden Club 2017

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Email this morning says my AMEX Delta Gold card has been shipped, so I'm looking forward to receiving that. 


I'll also be seeking my usual CLIs with Cap 1 this Friday. Plan on doing this every Friday until there's movement. Meanwhile, I'm working on a plan to pay off at least two more of my cards in the coming weeks. I paid off my Menards and Discover (secured) cards yesterday. The Discover card now goes in the SD until/unless it graduates. My payment to pay off my QS1 is already scheduled. FWIW I don't carry balances month to month, but we've had added expenses this month so I'm moving money around to make sure things remain interest free Smiley Happy 


I'm also going to pay off two of my remaining collections later this month. 

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Re: Garden Club - May 2017

Happy May ! Wow its may already!

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