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Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

tinuviel wrote:

TNTransplant wrote:

Well, how fitting that I end the year in the garden – right where I started when I began this journey in January of this year.  I did leave several times during this year (mostly planned, but some impulsive apps in there, too), but I will hit 90 days app-free the middle of this month and will pick up my first silver spade to celebrate.Smiley Happy


This has been a great year for me, and I’ve learned so much from this forum.  I started with every CC nearly maxed out and an overall utilization of around 70-75%.  After aggressively paying down revolving debt, getting SP CLIs, and obtaining several new higher limit cards, my overall utilization is less than 10% and my scores have improved to what is noted in my signature line.


The primary goal for this month is to not go crazy with Christmas spending and keep myself on track to continue paying down revolving debt.  No urges to app for anything at this point, and that’s a good thing. 

You've done a fantastic job and have every reason to be pleased with yourself! Congratulations to you! I understand the discipline and effort that it takes to pay off debt and bring util down to an ideal level. I'm so happy that you've been able to reach your goals this year -- this is truly something to celebrate! May the coming year bring you much success as you continue on your credit journey. Smiley Happy


Thanks, tinu - this forum/the gardening thread has been great for me...


And I just read through the thread and saw your own score increases - congrats on the nice jump! Smiley Happy

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

I was seriously tempted to apply for the Chase Freedom after seeing the 2013 categories, but I restrained myself and will wait until at least January to apply for the Amex BCE, since that will help my score more than the Chase.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

I've been in the garden for roughly 2 months. I'm waiting for my most recent inquiries to age past 6 months. While I wait my Discover card will become eligible for a 6 month cli and I'll also try for a cli on my two new G.E.C.R.B. issued cards probably once they hit four months. I want to have them all as close to 5k as possible so I have a better chance of being approved for the U.S. Bank Cash + when I'm ready.
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

We can't do the holidays without sauerkraut balls at my house, so I'm adding those to the buffet. Smiley Wink


Still gardening with my first ever, shiny spade!  I'm deep in utilization "fertilizer" at the moment, trying to dig back out in the aftermath of the new home purchase.  New credit made it way to easy.  I just paid down a sizeable chunk and am still waiting on deposits to come back to pay down more. The rest, I'm still hoping for that NFCU 0%, otherwise, I'll just transfer it all and call it good.


It is quite the thrill, however, to log on and see that there are actually REWARDS and not annual fees reflecting in my accounts!


I'm thinking strategically and am hoping to perhaps refi my car in January, but if I step out, it will only be for that.  I need to wait and see where things are at that point.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

Still here - no wants - no needs and lot's of available credit!  Smiley Happy


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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

Still application free (10/09/12) and no itch whatsoever!!! A few more days and i reach the 2 month mark!!!!

Did get soft CLI on my Walmart from 600 to 2000, Macys from 1000 to 2500 and auto CLI on my WF secured CC from 3000 to 3500!!!

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

Too early for egg nog but 15-yr Scotch works just nicely when it's -9*C outside.  Slightly higher utilization this month but I am still going to be app free for another ~9 months.

On the bright side, I got a job promotion that I was looking for and with it comes a nice raise.  Smiley Happy  So I plan on contributing the majority of the extra money to a TFSA account.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

Ahh.. another month tending to the garden! I look forward to getting my bronze spade later this month.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

I am normally terrible at gardening, but I am tired of getting shot down.  My plan of action is to  ask for CLI from Chase Freedom between May-August 2013.  I think I am resolves is foremost set for success.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

This is the first month i start gardening ... again, since i was approved for 3 cards last month, including my first Amex. I have no need to app for a while. I'm going to commit to gardening so I can have a high chance to be approved for CSP and an Amex revolver (going to wait till November 2013 for backdating goodness). But all in it's time, not now.

Happy gardening everyone!
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