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Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

Hi y'all!  My bronze spade and I are still in the garden!  I've made some sugar cookies for the group...

Back in the garden!
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

I will not app

I will not app

I will not app

I will not app



gawd it's difficult sometimes!

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

TNTransplant wrote:

tonyaether wrote:
Oh my...can't believe I am still here:-) It is day 227 since my last app. Dec started off well. I received an EQ scorewatch alert today that I received a 4 point increase in my score. I am sure it was a combination of the fact that my Amex account turned 1 year old, and inquiry dropped off completely and I officially reach the 5 year point for my AAOA. The latter probably made the most difference. Other than that, nothing to really report other than I am still here with my gloves on and firmly in the garden. We will see what the next few months hold and whether I will step out of here for something. You never know. Happy gardening to all!

Gold spade looks very nice, and you're over half way to platinum.  Scores are looking really good, too - awesome work, I say. Smiley Happy

Thanks TN! We will see if I make it to platinum. Right now I have no earthly idea but I will go for it! I had hoped to get as close to my goal score as possible before the end of Dec and so far gardening is working out...the rest remains to be seen. Thanks for the support though and good luck on your journey as well. Can't beat gardening!
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

Hello! I have walked through the garden but never actually planted a seedling....until now.  Earlier this year, I had to buy a car; for years I was a cash buyer and had not used credit for awhile.  Although my scores were in the mid-680's, I was hurt by the ''you do not have any revolving credit' speech.  Albeit a paid mortgage, student loans and paid car loans were showing  with no lates- I quickly learned that I needed to diversify my portfolio. 


I sprang into action - blindly and without the learned advice from this forum I started to apply this fall for prime cards.  The rejections came quickly.  I realized that I needed to do some research and thus found this wonderful forum.  Based on the advice I received, I apped for an received approvals fir GE backed cards....4 of them in two months.  My final app was with Nordstrom on Nov ember 16 - I need to let my CLI and allow my inq's  to age.  


I will garden through the holidays and will only poke my head out in 2013.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

DH got an increase in CL from $7500 to $9000 today on his NFCU Platinum. It was a SP... his balance at the time was $107

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

webhopper wrote:
DH got an increase in CL from $7500 to $9000 today on his NFCU Platinum. It was a SP... his balance at the time was $107

That's great!  Would love to get in with them... Smiley Sad

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

Coming up on 5 months! Gold Spade in January! Been tough to resist a few times, but doing much better lately. Still fighting the debt battle! Tax Return can't come quickly enough!

In full gardening/ debt annihilation mode! (4/15/13)
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

I'm reporting back, still in since October 21. I said hi in the last thread, but again, I'm just hanging out here to stay up to date on credit matters and not so much because I want to expand my collection. Hopefully this won't end up having the opposite effect!


I'm looking forward to requesting my (one and only?) CLI from Capital One around March, and I'm also planning to switch products from the BCE to BCP within the next two months (what's the rule for time before you can go to an annual fee card? 12 statements have to cut? 13? 12 months exactly?).


Bank of America Platinum Plus (no rewards) - July 2004 - $5,000
American Express Blue Cash Everyday - November 2011 - $8000
Capital One Cash Rewards (1.5% card) VISA Signature - August 2012 - $7500
Chase Hyatt VISA Signature - October 2012 - $7800


Utilization 0.X%, no recent FICO scores, FAKOs from 769-801. All FAKOs are the highest they've ever been Smiley Happy

Also helped my wife open her first two cards last month, $6000 total limits, so I think we're set for a bit.

EQ 772 (5/2013) - CS 794 (6/2013) - CK 774 (7/2013)
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

2012 was a rough year for me.  My credit scores do not reflect my hard work because of my obsessive new accounts and unnecessary inquiries.  BUT, I AM DONE!!! 


I am pledging to not apply for any credit what so ever!  


My goal is to purchase a home within the next 12 months.  I might have to wait 18 months if necessary.


My primary goal is to garden what I already have.  Before March, I had 10 collections, lates from 2010-2011, 3 charge offs, 1 repossession, and one foreclosure.  I am down to the foreclosure, 1 charge off and the lates.  The foreclosure drops off in April 2013, the charge off in January 2013, and the 90-120 lates in June 2013.  I will still have all of these new accounts and a 30 day late.  Ugh!!!  What a mess Smiley Sad


Also, before my rebuilding I had zero credit cards, zero personal loans, and one auto loan with no lates.


This is what I have:


Carfinance (BMW) opened 5/2012 14.59% APR 72 months


Santander (Nissan) refinanced 11/2012 18% APR 72 months ---- Previously lender Carfinance at 19% 72 months but payments were $377 due to the fact that dealer financed extended warranty and would not redraw the loan after we asked to cancel the agreement.  Long story short, refinancing made our payments more affordable.


United Acceptance (Caliber) owe $1555 and will be paid off in February 2013!  My sister in law took over the payments in May and has come through for us.


OneMain Financial $5500 (killer loan, but consolidated all the charge offs and collections into this) 28% APR 48 months.  Paying $100 extra per month to save on interest.


Credit Cards


Capital One (Secured) 201 CL

Credit One Bank 400 CL

Kohls 300 CL

Continental Finance 300 CL

Wells Fargo (Secured) 500 CL

Amazon 400 CL (new)

Gap 200 CL (new)

Wal-Mart 600 CL (new)


FYI, for those that are just beginning, don't make the same mistake I did.  Before you rebuild, you must take care of the bad!!!!  If you clean up all the baddies your credit limits will be much better and the rates will be ideal.  I jumped in and just made a mess of things.  Now, only time will take me where I want to be.  I hope the GECRB will give me reasonable increases and I plan on increasing my secured cards to above $1K each over the next 12 months.  Also, my Utilization is at a whooping 90% cause of a recent trip and upcoming vacation (more bad decision on my part).  


Have I learned my lesson?  Probably NOT!  Will I make every effort to fix my mistakes, YES!!!!!!!


Gardening here I come!  

MyFico on 03/30/12: EQ 500; MyFico as of 03/06/2013: EQ 653
Wal-Mart (TU08) on 12/09/2012: 637; Wal-Mart (TU08) 03/07/2013: 700

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

Hello Everyone!

Just returning from vacation and was happy to come home to a nice shiny new Silver Spade!  Today is app free day #103 and there is no itch in sight!

Looking forward to a wonderful holiday season in the garden!

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