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Garden Club Meeting - February 2013

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2013

My Chevron/Texaco seedling is growing....!

Just a lil $500 spurt but progress is progress!! GE luvs me even with balances!

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2013

Shiny new bronze spade (albeit a few days late!)  I'll take it.


I did try the luv button on my Walmart Discover after the 3rd statement, but no luv. Letter said not enough time at current CL (of $400, oy).  I'll be patient and see what happens next month, then I may have to call.


Getting ready to exec office my Cap 1 card to see what happens with that one.  I'm still VERY itchy for the Subaru MC, but I'm trying to behave and not scratch that one until the Summer sometime. I'm trying to get all of my balances nicely tucked in with the lowest possible interest (0% mostly) before the end of this month, then work on paying down, down, down as right now, UTIL is still the weeds in my garden.

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Current Score: EQ 664 TU 700 EX 701 (FAKO)

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2013

44 days app free! Can't wait to get to triple digits.

Starting Score: EX: 575 (PSECU 5/2/12) TU: 582 (3/6/12) EQ: 664 (4/27/12)
Current Score: EX: 699 (PSECU 06/04/14) 702 (my FICO 08/05/14) TU: 699 (08/01/14) EQ: 675 (07/08/14)
Goal Score: 720
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2013

Stepped out of the Garden on Friday ... but I'm back now (researching LOEs as I am sure I'll need 2 write one for this as the accounts will only be 2-3 months old when we go for our pre-approval) im not acquiring new debt just paying off current bals with 0% interest
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2013

I'm counting down the days to a silver spade - will be eligible for that a week from today as my last app/HP was November 25th.  I'm on the verge of breaking the 800 FICO score barrier on my TU08 (per Wally).  I do not want to incur a HP until I reach that milestone.  Just want to be able to say I made it to the promise land.  LOL


I've been a bit on edge lately, so I did a couple of things to keep myself on track.  About a week ago I was able to have Cap One pc my old Plat Visa to their Cash Rewards card and get rid of the annual fee.  And yesterday I called GE/Walmart and got a great CLI on my 3-month old Walmart Discover card.  No HPs were involved in these 2 ventures.  Smiley Happy


On Friday, I was disheartened to see official acknowledgement from US Bank that they have indeed seriously trashed my favorite credit card - the Cash+ Visa.  There goes my cash cow.  So now I am thinking of a future goal card to app for maybe in May or June......thinking of perhaps Barclay's Priceline Visa for the 2% cash back.  Everyone has to have something to look forward to, right?  Smiley Happy 

FICOs: TU08 842 EQ08 840 EX08 849

My Wallet: Amex Gold NPSL; Amex Optima Platinum $25K; Amex BCE $12K; BofA Visa $10.1K; BofA TR Visa $18K; Cap1 Quicksilver Visa Sig $10K; CSP $28.2K; Chase Freedom $13K; Chase Freedom Unlimited $21.4K; Citi Costco Visa $19.3K; Citi Double Cash $13.5K; Citi Simplicity Visa $23.3K; Discover IT $50K; Fidelity Amex $25K; NFCU Flagship Visa Sig $30K; PenFed Plat Rewards Visa Sig $50K; Sallie Mae WMC $17.5K; Sears MC $10.1K; US Bank Cash+ Visa Sig $26K; Walmart Discover $10K; Wells Fargo Rewards Visa Sig $14K
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2013

Last app: Today - 02/19/2013


Now let it be known that henceforth, I am not to apply for any additional cards or incur any additional hard pulls -- and you all can hold me to it!  Smiley LOL


Yesterday and today I applied for Chase Amazon - approved for $1,500, my (then) second highest limit, and then today, for Citi Forward Student - approved for $2,000 - my new highest limit card.  I now somehow have 7 cards -- I hope that's not too much.  I intend to look into buying a home 3-5 years down the road, so hopefully these accounts along with my student loans will be a healthy mix and will age well.  But no more inqs until then!

Goal Scores: 720+ (Experian Lender Pull 09/13): 733; Discover TU (01/14): 751; Walmart TU08 (02/14): 754;
WF Platinum (10/12) $1,600; WM Discover (12/12) $5,500; Amazon GE (12/12) $2,500; CapOne Quicksilver (12/12) $750; Discover IT (01/13) $1,000; Chase Amazon (02/13) $2,500; Citi Forward Student (02/13) $2,000; AMEX BCE (09/13) $15,000
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2013

I have gone a little bit app crazy after finding these forums and reading lots of thread.

Before the forums I had a Cap1, two chase cards, and a best buy store card.

In the last month I've appd and been approved for a cap1 cash rewards, amex fidelity, amex green, discover it, and a penfed platinum rewards.

The only thing I might do is cancel the amex green this time next year when the AF comes up and change to the amex BCP.

Outside of that I'm in the garden for the next couple of years I think, I don't really see myself needing anymore cards anytime soon.

Cards: Cap1 Cash Rewards 3K, Best Buy 1.5k, Chase Freedom 8k, Chase Freedom 2.4k, Discover it 5.5k, PenFed Platinum Rewards 3K, Amex Green NPSL
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2013

Still gardening... can't app for anything until after we close on our home.  I want  my AMEX TR so bad!!

AmEx PRG (NPSL) | AmEx Costco ($8.2K) | AmEx Delta Gold ($19.3K) | AmEx BCE ($5K) | Chase United Explorer ($10K) | Chase Sapphire Preferred ($7.5K) | Chase Freedom ($8.2K) | Discover it ($3K) | Capital One Quicksilver ($2.5K) | PayPal Extras ($2.5K) | Lowes ($3.3K) | Walmart ($4.3K) | Amazon ($2.5K) | Restoration Hardware ($8.8K) | Crate & Barrel ($8.3K)
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2013

Still chillin'. Smiley Happy

Starting Score: 675
Current Score: EX 753 FICO, EQ 737FICO, TU 738
Goal Score: 776 FICO

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2013

No apps even though I found a new 50k AMEX PRG offer. Holding out.

Current Cards: AMEX Everyday ($15k), AMEX BCE ($20k), Amex Platinum, Arrival ($11.5k), Merrill+ ($7.5k), Freedom ($5k), Double Cash ($6.5k)

2/16 - 864 Fico EQ (CITI); 818 Fico Ex (AMEX)
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