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Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

SisterGirl wrote:

I've grown so much in knowledge from this great community & I will not seek any further credit lines, only nurture & care for what's already achieved. I've acquired new lines, improved old lines, & will seek new ventures late 2013 (Oct-Nov-Dec).


Happy New Year 2013 !



Need a new car but in the garden for at least the next few months, need to get my balances down so I can get a good rate on my car. Will shop for vehicle at my CU so only 1 inquiry when I do shop. I wish everyone a new year, I have a few baddies that will fall off this year, but will continue to have some for a few more years also, as someone said More than once it is a marathon, not a sprint. Best wishes everyone in getting your financial life on track. Smiley Happy

Starting Score: TU 573 Exp 523 Lender Pull, Eq 583
Current Score: TU 673, Exp 664.,Eq 672 04/17/2015 TU 741 Equifax 682 Experian 678

Goal Score: 700 across the board

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Last HP 6/10/2015
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013




Current Scores: EQ 775 (03/04/2014), EX 756 (03/01/2014), TU 760 (03/01/2014)
Ruby Spade Garden Club Member - Last App: 03/04/2013 - No apps until 2014
Cards: Cap1 Venture 6.4k, Cap1 Quicksilver MC 1.75k, BankAmericard 1-2-3 Visa Signature - UCF Alumni Association 5k, Discover 7k, Citi Diamond Preferred MC 10.35k, Wells Fargo Rewards Visa 7k, Chase Freedom 5k, Chase Ink 7.5k, Amex Green NPSL, Dillard's Amex 7.5k, JC Penney 7.5k, Kay Jeweler's 5.1k
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

tinuviel wrote:






Cheers to anyone who is drinking Smiley Very Happy 



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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Starting off the new year in the garden - approaching 1 month.


Amex BCE - $2000 - looking forward to 3x in Feb.

Amex Green - NPSL

Chase Freedom - $1000

Capital One - $1000

Best Buy - $1500

Walmart - $2500

Starting: 563 | Current: 748 (TU 8/15) | Goal: 800 | Garden since: 08/10/2015

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

creditnocash wrote:

Wolf3 wrote:

What about those who are planning to refinance a mortgage?  Is that in or out of the garden?

if you take an inquiry to refinance your out but its a big reason to step out. and hopefully for the better. 


ANY hard pull will result in this. 

I am out then.   Maybe in the spring.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Hello All and Happy New Year!!  I wish everyone the very best in 2013!  

I've had a Great past 1.5 years rebuilding.  I have many on here to thank!  I'm in the garden till mid 2015 when I buy a new home and auto.  My seedlings:  NCFU CashRewards 25K/ NFCU Flagship 25K/ Amex BCP 18.3K/Amex BSP 10K/ Amex PRG/ Amex Zync/ Chase CSP 20.5K/ Chase Freedom11K/ Citi Diamond Pref 10.75K/ Barclays Apple 10K/ AACFCU Plat MC 10K/ AACFCU Loc 7.5K/ DCU VISA 5.4K / WalMart 9K/ RTG 8K/ Chevron 2.5K. All these were attained in the last 1.5 years by strategic apping and still retained a AAoA of over 7 years.  It can be done.  

Just closed CapOne- Merrick - Smiley Happy. Closing Chevron, RTG 01/10/13.  I'm set for life me thinks.  Only Credit I'm seeking is the occasional SP CLI.  Good luck to everyone here!  

Starting Score: 642
Current Score: EQ 773, EX 780, TU 777 (All FICO)
Goal Score: 800+

Cards: NFCU Flagship 50K, DC 30K, BCP 28.6K, Arrival+ 25K, Citi DP 22.8K, CSR 20.5K, TotalRewards 25K, QuickSilver 20K

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

I am here, though I am itching to app for a Citi or something other than Chase...even though I so adore Chase. I feel like I need to be more diverse. I had a CO with AMEX years ago, so I don't even bother with them. I'd liek to add something, though, so maybe in 6 months or so.


However, the only CRA that is EVER pulled for me here in FL is EQ, and after just TWO inquiries (both Chase!) I saw a score drop of 9 points!  I could sob!


So I am in the garden indefinitely.  I was successful on all my recent apps and now have:


Chase Freedom: 7500

Chase Sapphire: 10000

Chase Ink: 10000

Kohls: 1000

JCP: 4900

Target Red: 1500

Home Depot: 7500

Best Buy (store): 5600

Macys: 2400


I fired both Orchard/HSBC as they wouldn't raise my CLI EVER or drop the fees. The only two cards I did not try for CLI on were Target and Kohls, because I could find no supporting evidence that it was gonna happen anyway.


I have gardeing tools, all pink, and intend to stay at least 6 months.  Thanks for the snacks!

WOW! EQ when I joined myFICO: 657. Ups and downs and a few bumps and bruises, but finally back over 700. Whew!

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

162 days. 


Happy New Year!

EX:694 TU:744 EQ:777
Amex ED $19.5k - BoA Travel Rewards $15k - CSP $5k - SDFCU EMV $15k - NFCU goRewards $20k - Barclays Arrival $6.5k
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Happy New Year!!!


Still sitting in the garden watching over my seedlings, but an auto refi is beckoning to me beyond the gate (NFCU $250 cash back offer).  2012 was VERY good to me credit-wise with the countless lessons learned from MyFICO smarties, lots of hard work on my part, and doses of pixie dust and prayers.  I went from a credit score in the mid-500s in January to a peak score of 721 and:


Built a new home, closed: 10/25

NFCU: $15,000

Partner's: $3,000

Amazon Visa: $6,500

Lowe's: $5,000

Cap 1: $750

Cap 1, Sparks: $750

Woman Within: $600

Target: (still at $200, 10 years later...)


My score has dropped with UTIL and I'm STILL waiting on that 0%BT from NFCU (from my keyboard to God's ears) to help out some with that.  Also still waiting to see if I have to sue my former landlady to get my deposit back that needs to go toward a CC.  Mortgage hasn't reported yet, so hoping for a boost with that one. Once my score climbs back a bit, I may answer the siren call of the auto refi.  Until then, I will sit firmly planted in the garden, enjoying the view.


BTW, who knew rewards cards were SO AWESOME???  I had no idea what I was missing out on with sucky credit scores!  I get money back for paying my bills, how sweet is that?

Starting Score: 10/1/2011 EQ 568 TU 593
Current Score: EQ 664 TU 700 EX 701 (FAKO)

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Happy New Year, health, wealth and good fortune to everyone @ the FICO forums.

It has been a two year credit recovery effort by me which started by getting my student loans out of default, paying off a few CA accounts, and getting a secured credit card with First Niagara for 500.00. The trip to the bottom is very quick, however the climb back to the top is slow and painstaking.

I thank everyone again who has posted,or answered my posts to help me regain my credit borrowing ability.  Smiley Very Happy


First Niagara (now unsecured) 2000

Discover Open Road                 1200

Chase Freedom                       5000

Walmart Discover                     1800

DCU                                           7500


Utilization is 3%


Im going to garden until @ least 6/2013,


On the wanted List:


Amex Green (hoping for backdating was an AU in 1987, still have Gold Card)

Penfed Signature Preferred




12/28 EX 745( FAKO)
12/28 DCU 742 FICO
12/28 WM TU 796 FICO
Walmart Discover 15k |CSP 14.4k | Penfed Cash Rewards 9k |DCU 7.5k | Chase Freedom 8k | FNFG 5k | Discover 6.4k| BOA 4k | BCE 3k

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