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Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013


All you have to do is go to the first page of this thread and copy the seedling code. By highlighting and the right clicking copy then go to my settings on the top left and under my signature right click and paste at the top of the box. Click save and your golden..

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Happy Gardening everyone! 


I plan to stay app free for quite some time.


My Amex was the last card i app for, so i want to garden, garden, garden! (at least towards the end of the year)


I have no need for new cards but I would like the CSP in the future.



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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

DrivenDoctoress wrote:

Ayayaye, the itch is killing me! Just for curiosity I went and tried the "shopping cart trick" just to see if VS and Express would offer me a card as a test of my up and coming credit worthiness, lol. And both did! VS offered a 750 limit and *I WAS STRONG*. I didn't bite. Woo! 


I am also getting Blue Sky preselects from AMEX like every day in the mail, and the Discover More offers. I'm psyched because I've never gotten these before.


I am gardening right now even though I have the goal of slowly ditching my subprime crappy low limit credit cards for prime "grown up" cards. Even though my credit is pretty good now my income sucks (I'm a graduate student) and I'm also scared to take hits on my average age of accounts. I'm not sure when/if it's a good idea to leave the garden, but for now I'm digging my toes in the dirt and trying to stay!

The shopping cart trick was verrrrryyyyy tempting for me as well. No offers, though, thank God. lol

I'm not sure I would've been as strong as you haha

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Well ill be in the Garden a good 16 MONTHS Before I step out on my App Spree. Was supposed to open the gate and step out in March, but I'm just gonna stay locked up and just look after and tend to my Garden till July now. :/

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

I'm still in the midst of the NFCU BT section of my garden. Smiley Wink  The first 2 went through within just a few days, so that was exciting.  I have one CC that I will pay off the very last bit this week and it should report Th-Fri, so I'm interested to see if I get score bumpage.  I'd REALLY like to refi my car, so I'm holding off on updating to a spade in case I get a nice enough boost that I move ahead with that.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Yay 5 months!
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Thanks for the info creditnocash! Starting day 3 in the garden.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years! I'm back in the garden after a quick CLI on my Freedom and will be here for quite some time until my inquiries fall off or at least are mostly 1 year or older. I believe this year I will worry mostly on increasing my current lines as I do like the cards I currently have. At some point... I may want to add a  Lowes card. I will be calculating if the 0% financing promos and/or the daily 5% would be worth adding it. Eventually I would like to work on a home so it might be benefitial to start letting it grow and stuff. In any case, my current cards: 


1) Discover More 

2) Capital One Journey 

3) Chase Freedom 

4) Citi Forward 

5) Citi Dividend 

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

Stepped out of the garden for the last time til 2014!  I refinanced my Range Rover with PenFed at 1.49% today using the same HP from my application/cc/thrifty loc.  Since I'm going out of town on Friday, they are overnighting the paperwork and the check to me today.  I always thought they just paid off the current lender, but they said they are just sending me the check to pay them off. Woman Very Happy

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - January 2013

I'll be tending my lone Barclay card for the next 6 months.

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