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Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Nothing new for me. No needs....


Last month, I ran all but 6 of my cards down the shredder... Too many to manage!


Life is simple now...


** Every Card has a Job, and Every Card does its Job **
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

First time in the garden. Spent the last month reconfiguring my portfolio. Just pulled the trigger on the Hyatt card with a really nice CL. Completely content with where I netted out. Next up:


  • Going to ask Amex for CLI in April.
  • Looking for a car lease in July.
  • Most likely dumping the Orchard by EOY. We'll see how the Cap1 transition turns out, and what they offer as a product replacement. Personally, it's not worth a HP to get a 'better' Cap1 card.


Garden on!

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

I was sorely tempted to leave the garden this past month, because I've been getting a lot of offers in the mail and I was thinking about asking for a CLI on my BoA 123 Cash Rewards.  However, I realized that I don't really need a CLI, since I have larger limits on other cards and I'm still in the running to get a mortgage later this year, so I haven't fallen off the wagon.  Gotta stay strong!


Wow, sometimes this thread feels like an AA meeting.  LOL!

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Ready to see how strong my will power is.  Going for month 2.  

Letting my Discover IT Card and Walmart card start to age.  Also enjoying to feeling of no longer having to deal with Credit One and First Premier Bank any longer.  2013 looks to be a good year for my credit.

Starting score: 513 (Pulled from MyFico)
Current Score: EQ=690 TU=720 EX=710
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

      I'm here and extremely close to bronze spade. I will stay here for 6 months unless I save up enough cash to get a secured card with a decent limit (say over 2500). Nice to be gardening. Better than a month ago when I had 0 open TLs....

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Been tempted a lot the last month. Still holding strong. Now when I get my balances down? That will be another story Smiley Very Happy

In full gardening/ debt annihilation mode! (4/15/13)
Notre Dame FCU Visa 0/2k (8/04); CapOne Best Buy 800/1.5k (7\06)
Citi Thank You World MC 4800/9.7k (1/11); Amex Zync NPSL (9/11)
Chase Freedom Visa 1600/3.8k (9/11); Chase Southwest RR Premier Visa Signature 4300/10.7k (6/12); Discover It 0/3k (7/12)
EQ: 751 (4/1/13) EX: 742 (4/8/13) TU: 732 (4/8/13)
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

dodfire wrote:


Swapmeet wrote:

tinuviel wrote:

Swapmeet wrote:

@ Tinuviel,


Welcome back to seedling status. It's not like I was in the garden... But the card that put me here was the freedom. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the sweet smell of freedom bro

That's more like sis! Smiley Wink

lol, my fault. I suppose I should be more cautious. I guess I don't consider gender when I say bro. I don't know if it's because I was born and raised in Southern California, or what. What is a cool sounding, one syllable word that Identifies a female? Because sis just won't cut it. I do apologize for the masculine insinuation though.

TEXAS here ( enjoy the sweet smell of freedom ma'am)

I said cool.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Hi everyone!

So i stepped out of the garden for February and applied for Chase Sapphire Preferred and an auto loan for a Honda Civic through Cap One. Both have not reported yet and I pulled up my scores today.

TU 698 and EQ 677. Close to the 700 club. 

All i am itching for is for a GE card but it's a want and not a need so I'm resisting and planting my seed for March.

I'm happy where i stand right now and plan to grow my current cards and hopefully get auto cli, and age my inquiries.


So can someone pass the quesadillas and hot wings? Smiley Very Happy

Gardening Since: March 4, 2013.
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Hi Ya'll! So I'm planting myself in the garden.......quick back history - I really screwed up my credit during my 20s.  At the age of 30, I went "debt-free" after paying off all credit cards and closing accounts and a repo.  I lived cash only for 5 years while things aged and fell off and I tried to get myself on a solid within my means budget. Then in November, I needed a new vehicle, so figured what the heck.  The interest rate isn't too hot, but I was approved (score at the time was 580-something)! At the same time, I was pre-app for a CapOne Platinum with a $300 limit.  So I got both, relaxed for a bit, then February decided it was time to start fixing the rest of my stuff and figuring out where I really stood.  Suprisingly, I was better off than I thought.  Right now I have $0 balance on my CapOne Plat. so no util % for me.


And that's when I landed here.  I pulled all credit reports via and went to work.  I paid off (in full) 2 collection accounts I didn't realize existed.  Both have said that after 30 days they will remove them from my reports Smiley Happy I also went on a big app spree last week.  I've learned I can take the temporary hit to the inquiries since I have my new vehicle and a 15year old mortgage and don't need anything else for quite a while. Got approvals from Walmart, Amazon, and Kohls.  Got the 7-10 day on a few others.  Have a auto CLI coming up in Mar-Apr from my CapOne.


All that it's time to just let things grow and see how I can increase my score over the next year until a few baddies drop off due to age.

Start: (2-26): EQ 602 (Myfico) TU 579 (Credit Karma) EX 634 FAKO
Current: (7-12): EQ 690(myfico) WalmartTU 696 EX 689 (lender 6-3)
1st Goal: 680 across the board - DONE June 2013!
2nd Goal: 725 across the board
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

I'm still here! I got a pre-screened AMEX Gold Card in the mail yet again last night, already dropped it in the locked shred bin at work.

Looking forward to collecting my silver space on March 28th!


Starting Score: Jan 2012: EQ - 624
Current Score:Apr 2017: EQ - 748
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