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Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Ahhh. Although I usually like posting on my app anniversary date, I do have a good 3 more months until my next spade, so I will recount my wonderful day today Smiley Happy


After returning from my on-campus residence to my home address, I was delighted to find my deposit returned back to me from Orchard Bank/HSBC! I quickly grabbed one of my $200 coupons for a Chase Total Checking Account, endorsed the check, and made my way to my boyfriend's local Chase bank, which is right around the corner from his house. Met with a nice banker, explained to him how I wanted the account for many reasons, primarily: 10% annual bonus by using my Freedom, $200 bonus, and the fact that it would be more convenient to have as a secondary bank account for when I need cash here and there while at school, so I don't have to trek all the way downtown via the school's bus system to TD, and instead can run right across the street to the student center, where Chase ATMs have overrun the place! Also nifty for when I have checks to deposit, but then again I can always take a picture of them too...


The banker was awesome, recommending me different products, not pushy at all, and seemed to understand both my financial situations and the fact that I manage my credit very well (he pulled up my info using my Freedom, and probably was super impressed that somebody my age had $17,000 worth of revolving credit from them!). Since it will be a secondary account, I didn't need checks, but definitely wanted a debit card. Instead of getting one of the on-the-spot ones, decided to get the Disney Debit Card, since my family has a timeshare through Disney, and will be great to have when we stay at some of the resorts and go to the theme parks and shops to get the discounts and benefits (my mom will love me for those free 5x7 character pictures..)


Also informed me that it was perfectly cool for me that, after the 6 months of having the account open so I don't lose my $200, to convert the account to a Chase College Checking account so that there's no mimimum deposit or fees. Super rad! Smiley Very Happy


We talked a little about the Freedom and Sapphire, how I can combine points, now automatically deposit my points as cash back into my checking account, and even sheepishly grinned when he said "hey, you have a credit approval!" I laughed and said "oh, which one? Sapphire Preferred, or Slate?" Though he didn't click it, he said it was likely the Slate, since I already have a Sapphire, and the system typically won't preapprove a Preferred on top of that. We both shrugged, because he figured if I have a Freedom and Sapphire and PIF, what do I need a Slate for at this point in time? I thanked him for letting me know though, so if sometime down the future I need a BT card, it's there.


He gave me the run down on how long the 10% bonus would take to kick in (4-8 weeks), but that the points during that timeframe will all reflect eventually, and to expect my $200 in 10 business days. No rush, I mean I didn't have the cash in the first place, so it'll be a lovely surprise Smiley Happy


Things to look forward to: my new Chase disney debit card, renewing my license at the end of the month and receiving my horizontal NJ license for 21! (i just really like cards...), a new TD debit card in April, and a new Orchard card in June, with sometime in that summer timeframe getting a new, official, Cap One card!


Thank God for all these new cards coming in, debit, credit, or otherwise...I was having such a bad itch last night over the Chase Southwest card, while looking at AMS conferences that I would be going to in future years (including, you guessed it, Phoenix! but many other cities as well), and marvelling over their point system to get ridiculously cheap flights, though not necessarily at the best times or # of transfers...but hey, i'm a very patient person and I'm not in any rush to get anywhere, so minor layover in TN? *shrugs* no problem! I enjoy the fact that although the card HAS an annual fee, they give you points to offset it anyways as long as you keep the account active and continue to use your points.


Another momentous occasion: Having my Freedom declined at 7-11 while I was buying my father a $80 gift card and picking up some munchies as a thank you for doing my taxes while I was away...apparently, some of the gift cards weren't holding the amount for whatever reason, and I guess Chase got worried since I don't frequent 7-11s that often, nor for that large amount of gift cards...since they kept seeing a $80 purchase that was being bumped in and out, they declined it the 2 time we tried to process the card. No problem, used my TD card for the "third time was the charm!" gift card, and have my "approved" receipts detailing what happened. Keeping a close eye on that "pending" transaction on Chase that still has that $80...but after I left, just called the number on the card and followed the automated systems fraud protection prompts to say "yes, I was here and attempted to purchase this."


I have to say, gardening is so wonderful, and I love watching my scores go up <3 happy gardening everybody Smiley Happy

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

:Checks in.: Credaholics Anonymous, right?

11 inquiries and two credit cards later, I think I'm ready to take a breather and a break from apping.

Cheers everyone!

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TU-654 [03/18/2014]
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

It is March and I am still in the garden Smiley Wink Doubled my Amazon today via soft pull so I feel kinda good!!!



100% Ficos: EX 780 , TU 783, EQ 776 inquiries last 2 years/1 year/6 months: EX-0/0/0, TU-0/0/0, EQ-1/0/0~ last credit card app 6/24/13- New car loan 3/8/2014- Discover IT $12,500~Kohls $1000~Amex BCE $4000~ Walmart Discover $7500~NFCU Signature CashRewards $23,300 Chase Freedom MC $6000~ Chase Amazon Visa $1900~ Cap 1/HSBC MC $3800~ Amazon Store $7000~ Fingerhut $1050
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

You should feel good about thatSmiley Happy

Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

56 days in the garden! Still here. Woo-hoo!

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Been a while since I've been on the site.  After we purchased our home last March, we opened a few lines at Lowe's and some other places to help with furnishing the house and repairs.  Went back in the 'garden' in December.  Christmas is officially paid off now - so I can go back to tending the garden.  

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

I'm back for another month.  Still waiting for 2011 inquiries to fall off and my mtg inquiry will be over 12 months this month.


One more month until that Barclay's card turns six months.  Then, I will think about leaving to get the Wal-Mart card. 


Does GE let you combine credit lines?  Hmm....

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Last app August 2, 2014. Gardening indefinitely!!!
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

This is my third month, and im just a little "app-itchy". Nothing I can't Handel until some of those inquiry's fall off!

Smiley Happy

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12/28 DCU 742 FICO
12/28 WM TU 796 FICO
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Finally got my bronze spade back in hand. After approval for BoA Alaska Air card and Citi AAdvantage card one month ago I don't plan on app'ing for anything anytime soon. I really need to figure out a plan for using and maximizing the cards I do have now, and let my AAoA increase again since it's taken a hit over the past 9 months. Was at 19 months, now 13 months AAoA. Alot of the cards I have have an annual fee, which isn't necessarily bad, I just have to make a plan for reaping the benefits from each of those cards each year to cover the fee (and hopefully more). I've been keeping utilization below 10% and PIF every month. I will probably start PIF the Bank of America Alaska Card before the statement closes so that it's not impacting my utilization negatively since they don't report the credit limit, only the balance.


I'm hoping that allowing my new mix of cards to age that I'll be in the 750+ club sometime this year.

Starting Score (2016): EX: 748; EQ 737; TU 761

2014 Current Score: Discover FICO08 797 (7/16); AMEX FICO 776 (8/16); PenFed FICO 766 (5/16).

Goal Score: All 800+ Available Credit: $100K+

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September 2016

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

After getting approved for 2 new cap 1 cards, which should be here soon, I'm heading into the garden. Total noob here, but getting credit back on track. How ling do y'all typically stay in?  6 month?

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EX8: 636 EX3: 670 V3.0: ? **8/2015
CCD Util 35%

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