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Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

BearsAndTurtlesRtheBest wrote:

How od you get th seed icon? and how do i join?

Hi can copy the seedling code from tinu's original post on this thread. Then go to your settings and add it to your signature. As for joining, you just come on in! Everyone is welcome. There is no process :-)
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As of: 05/13/2015
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

testing out my spade Smiley Happy

been lurking in the garden but haven't posted too much. 


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myFICOs as of 3/25/14:...EX=809 .... EQ=802....TU=787
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

Joining the garden for the first time.


Went on a 4-card app spree last week and got them all. Caused major damage to my AAoA, down from 8 years to 4 years. However, I gain the following:

  1. 3% cashback on GAS
  2. 2% cashback on EVERYTHING
  3. TRIPLE POINTS on Amazon purchases
  4. Free monthly TU08 FICO score

I plan on staying in the garden for a long while Smiley Happy

05/31/2018 - EX 839 (Credit Scorecard EX FICO® Score 8, range 300-850)
05/20/2018 - TU 840 (Discover TU FICO® Score 8, range 300-850)
05/22/2018 - EQ 856 (Citi EQ FICO® Bankcard Score 8, range 250-900)
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

Still here ....will be 3 months in the 7th :-) new spade time
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

Still holding strong. Had another fam emergency last week... so balances had to go up. Thank goodness for credit! Delays payoffs a few months, but life happens!

In full gardening/ debt annihilation mode! (4/15/13)
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Chase Freedom Visa 1600/3.8k (9/11); Chase Southwest RR Premier Visa Signature 4300/10.7k (6/12); Discover It 0/3k (7/12)
EQ: 751 (4/1/13) EX: 742 (4/8/13) TU: 732 (4/8/13)
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

I'm here... No wants, no needs.


** Every Card has a Job, and Every Card does its Job **
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

Lost my sweet bling, no more platinum spade, but I have my first GE card, so I'm plenty happy with the result.  Dropping by to pick up my seedling.


FYI for those trying to get the seedling code, the URL is shortened in the first post, you need to follow that URL and edit it in the code to put the FULL URL in your signature in place of the shortened one.


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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

App free since October 12th!


Man it's hard!

As of 2017, rebuilding...
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

left the garden to get 2 HP clis from BOA (3k to 6K, was tied for my third highest and now my highest) and discover (1K to 3.5K, was my only sub 3K bank card) on the 30th and 31st. My total availabe credit has nearly tripled from when my oldest accounts hit 1 year in august. Now im in the Garden again until february when i will go for an AMEX revolver. I always thought id go for BCE, but now im wondering if i wont go for one of the hotel cards.


After that nothing until later in Spring, because i have inqs galore from Feb-April of this year (3 on exp, 7 on EQ, 6 on TU). After those age off a year, i should see a decent bump from no new accounts under 6 mos, multiple accounts crossing the 12 month line, and 3 or fewer inq in the last 12 months on each report. I am chasing a profile worthy of the US Bank Cash+. After that i'll probably be done with credit cards for a few years except for some amazing offers like the BOA 300(they even had 400 this summer) cashback  for 500 spend.

EQ-736(08/14) TU-752(09/14)
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Closed Cards: 4 Oldest: 3yrs AAOA: 2yrs
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

I'm in Smiley Happy  Renegotiating terms and credit limits on my existing cards now.  Watching 'em grow for the next 6 months!

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