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Garden Club Meeting - November 2013

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2013

MJ will you lose your spade when you get the Fico credit cards and expense account ? Smiley Embarassed

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2013

Wow...this garden is growing! 


It's a new month, so I always like to state my credit goals and what I hope to accomplish in the Garden:


1. Pay off Merrick card; may possibly use for small recurring payments & PIF to keep CC active

2. Pay off and close Credit One CC by mid-March

3. Pay off/pay down all TLs

3. Request CLIs for Amazon in a few days, Wally in December, JCP in Feb

3. GW letters to LVNV until they budge!

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2013

Still here... I can't believe its November already!  so with the nip in the air, and leaves all over my lawn, I'll raise a glass of pepperming (schnapps) hot cocoa to one and all...  (oh and the big pot on the table over there?  yup... enough spiked cocoa for us all...)

Back in the garden!
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2013

I've been gardening for almost a month. My sis added me to her cap1 and now my credit history increase to 7 years haha, AAofA 2 years. I hope Amex shows me some love when I request CLi in exactly 23days from now. 

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2013

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2013

Hi all!! Smiley Happy
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2013

Yup... another month in the garden. All cards will report $0 balance this month 'cept Discover which is still at 0% intro rate. Overall UTIL will be around 25% so any/all apps will remain on ice until I can drag that UTIL down a bit more.



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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2013

Irisa wrote:

Hello gardeners,


Checking in for November. October was not a good month. I was ready for it to be over.. Though I'm not sure how much better November will be, I have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks Smiley Indifferent  Feeling old so I may have to skip it lol.

The good news? My credit scores should recover this month when balances report 0 again. Plus, I just got another CLI from Capital one!


Hope everyone is well. Happy gardening!  & Stay strong Smiley Happy

Hello My Buddy,


Sorry October wan't good for you.  Hope November is better!


October was up and down for me and November is starting not so great, but I'm determined (no pun intended) to make the best of it. 


Hope to see you at the social tonight.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2013

Hey y'all happy Friday!! Gotta luv the weekendSmiley Happy


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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2013

Ravensfan2001 wrote:

myjourney wrote:

Ravensfan2001 wrote:

Checking in! So glad to be here for the next 2 years!


@Lexie - Congratulations, Moderator!

Check in complete 

Thanks, myjourney. Don't know where I've been, but congrats on the upgrade, Community Leader!

Thank you 

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