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Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

I recently applied for a personal loan for half the cost of  a new roof.   Hopefully I will not need to apply for anything else for at least one year.   I love gardening. 

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

Joining the Garden Club- App free since Aug 30, 2012. Counting down to badge 1: Bronze Spade Smiley Happy

Starting Score: Aug 2012: TU 747, EX: 664, EQ: 649
Current Score: Aug 2012: TU 747, EX: 664, EQ: 649
Goal Score: ALL AT 750-800

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CUR Visa Platinum-3k, NFCU Visa Sig- 17.5k, BestBuy-1.5k
AFW- 3.2k, Express- 1.5k, Macys- 2k, Vickies-2k
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

Howdy, howdy boys and girls.  I'm two days away from itchies yet...

Gardening 18 Apr 2018-01 Nov 2018. Race me for the Gold!
Zero percent financing is where the devil lives...
10/01/17 Fico8 scores: EX 660, EQ 647, TU 663
01/01/18 Fico8 scores: EX 655, EQ 661, TU 650
04/01/18 Fico8 scores: EX 637, EQ 630, TU 644 ow!
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012



Earned my bronze spade!!

Learning from my past and rebuilding..

BK discharged 1/10/17
scores: EQ 659 | TU 630 | EX 659

QS 3.8K | WF 500 | Cabela's 3k | ACU 500 |

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

Well, I had planned to stay in the Garden until my scores were high enough to get a mortgage.  I just received confirmation that my only neg CA is being removed so my score may jump up faster then I expected.  I'm not sure I'll even qualify for the Bronze, but if it means I get my wife the house she wants, then so be it. I'll be back in the garden after the home goes through. 

Starting: EQ 590 (LP 8/12) TU 589 (LP 8/12) EX 612 (LP 8/12)
Current: EQ 650(LP 9/12/12) TU 667 (LP 9/12/12) EX 676 (LP 9/12/12)
Goal: 620 (for VA Mortgage)
Goal Reached. Pre-qualified for VA loan, 9/12/12

My Jeep is like my wife. Cleans up nice, but a lot more fun when she's dirty.
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

Alright, it's time for me to do some gardening. I went app happy, and it was a great spree, but definitely time to stop. Need to age the new items, and enjoy the growth that I saw recently with the older ones, and prune a bunch of those store cards. Won't be apping for a loooooooong time! Or at least I hope I'm not tempted to.

Starting Score: 686 TU / 683 EQ 01/17/2013
Current Score: 703 TU / 691 EQ 10/04/2013 / 688 EX 11/12/2013
Goal Score: 700 across all three

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

The garden is great ! What we learn here can be used to help others as well. Just today I was talking to my friend who is going to try and finance a bike in december.. We chatted about scores history and cards and so on I came to the point that b4 the app he should work on getting his limits up. We called WellsFargo on the spot and asked for a SP CLI, the rep called it a "internal" look at accounts and payment history he was not approved for the 800 he wanted but a CLI of 500. We did not even try With his other card Capone. So hes got a capone 1000 and wells cash back 1700 walmart 700 3 inqs in the last 6 months 4 inqs in the last 2 years. He is going to call Wellsfargo after be pays blance off of 900 next month and ask for another "internal" CLI. 


wallmart puts his TU at 671 

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

Opened an AmEx SPG and a Chase United MP in May and have gardened since. Was tempted last month to open an AA card however I held off. Hoping to sell my place and want to be in a prime place for another mortgage. Feels good to garden.

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What's In My Sock Drawer: Chase Sapphire Preferred, Discover More, Bank of America Accelerated Rewards AmEx, SME FCU Visa
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

ello Everyone, (Entire Forum) "HI New Member". (Me) "My Name is MakingPenniesSqueal", and im a self-confessed FICOholic. lol Smiley Wink
        After just several days of reading all these goodies on these forums, i'm hooked bad. Your tidbits of information has given me a clearer idea in handling my credit situation. This forum has uplifted my years of frustration into enlightment.
Basically, i'm under Gold Status while a month away from Platinum Status. Just last month, my last HP inquiry (Mortgage Pre-Qual) fell off my credit report.
To avoid a HP on my credit report:
*Will request a product change on my BofA Cash Rewards Visa Signature. Thats 5k added to my credit limit.
Q: Any BofA Credit Cards which report Credit Limits with similar perks as the Cash Rewards Visa Card?
Otherwise, I'm getting my green thumb on and gonna let my AAoA (Currently at 5yrs) Grow!!!
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