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Garden Club Meeting for July 2011

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Re: Garden Club Meeting for July 2011

@silver0187 wrote:

I've been in garden mode since May but just couldn't refrain from applying for a Walmart CC (thanked to the thread about Walmart giving free TU FICO score -___-)


I was approved for $300 CL and probably sock-drawer the card hehe

HAHA I'm in the same boat. Couldn't resist the monhtly free TU FICO score... approved a couple days ago with 2400 CL. I haven't received the card yet but its already reporting on EX and EQ. Boy that was fast!

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Re: Garden Club Meeting for July 2011

Well so much for gardening!  I applied and was approved for $500... In to the sock drawer of course, but the free TU Fico was too much to resist.  Now I am truly back to the garden!  Really!

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Re: Garden Club Meeting for July 2011

I've been happily gardening, although sometimes temptation just gets the best of me.


Our daughter turned 18 and will attend college this fall. I decided she needed to start building credit in her own, we had her app for the PenFed cash back card, and we used my DH as her joint or cosigner. She was approved for the beginning $1,000 card, but it does give her the 5% back on gas, etc.. She has been an AU on many of our cards, but this one is hers. We also pulled her first FICO score and signed her up for ScoreWatch. I'm not on the card, so I didn't have any ding or new account. (Pretty strategic on my part...huh.)


Then...we recently got the quarterly preapproval list from PenFed. We took the PenFed AmEx Travel Rewards. Because it was already preapproved, there was no ding for an inquiry, but we will both have new accounts show.


That's the extent of what we've done with credit. AmEx gave us a nice bump in credit last November. We hadn't asked, and there was no hard pull. I finished my Masters last spring, and there has been a fair amount of student loan activity moving around on my reports. I consolidated them..and I haven't checked lately...but I'm assuming that gave me a new account.


I'm an example of how one can get new accounts without even going out and looking for consolidated student loan and new preapproved cc from PenFed. (I know we didn't have to accept, but it will be a good card for us.) I don't think I had any inquiries, though.


I still feel as if I've been a pretty good girl. I'm tempted on the WalMart card for the TU scores, but I'm still trying to find out which TU score it is that they use. There seems to be a lot of discrepancy between scores.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting for July 2011

@bbloomen wrote:

Feels good to be in the garden, after my Amex Debacle (the didn't approve me), I figured just to throw my hands up in the air and say enough already.  I have a significant amount of pulls on my CR's so the garden is here to stay.  At this point I am working on my chase (using the hell out of it ), paying down the Best Buy card, and the Crap1 is sitting in the drawer at home collecting dust.  I really want that Amex card though, but I will wait 6 months before I try for it again.  I hope a CLI on the chase, while $2k is a nice starting point I would love to see that grow!



congrats on the chase! sorry to hear about the amex, but $2k is definitely a great CL, and given your scores in your sig are in Amex's range and high (at least to me! haha) I'm sure you'll get one in time. Smiley Happy

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Re: Garden Club Meeting for July 2011

just got off the phone with Chase regarding the CLI request i initiated almost a month ago.  wanted to get a $1200 increase to bring my CL up to $2K.  well...the request took long because EQ finally verified and updated the judgement on my CR after sending them documentation.  EQ updated judgement to show paid instead of pending.  Chase wanted to see it showing paid on my CR before talking to me for the CLI.  rep verified the updated status and approved the CLI of, wait for it.....$200 Smiley Very Happy don't know how to feel about the amount of the CLI and the HP on the EQ.  i didn't ask if it was a HP because i didn't ask, but the rep told me she updated the report they pulled to verify the status of the judgement.  so with that, i was in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.  i very most likely got a HP in exchange.  so there was no other solution but to take it.  but hey, a CLI is a CLI correct?  so i'll take my $1K limit Chase Freedom card garden the hell out of it!


i know i was falling off and on the gardening wagon this past month and a half...but now, im going to be on the straight and narrow with gardening.  took a big hit on my FICO scores because of the new credit cards (Discover Miles and Alliant CU Visa) now reporting and the inquiries from all the app'ing i was doing the past 3 months.  But should hit my target score again by the end of the year by staying on top my cc usage.


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Re: Garden Club Meeting for July 2011

I fail at garden mode.


This month I did a refi on my car and am now under contract for a 200k home. I owe all of that to myFICO of course; I had around 630 EQ when I started in March. Now I'm sitting on 760 EQ, and my lender pulled a 741 tri-merge. I was worried about AAoA going into this, but they didn't seem to mind. Even though they're closed my older accounts were enough when combined with 2 years rental history.


As long as the mortgage thing goes well I can deefinitely garden for a while. I want to see if real estate loans really do help scores.


I don't know what happened with Equifax, but for some reason most of my inquiries from this year dissapeared... I went from 11 to 4 with 3 of those being different mortgage lenders.

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