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Garden Club Thread - September 2016

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Good morning boys and girls.  Happy Thursday.


DW and I are both here for the balance of 2016, methinks.  Early 2017, I'm hoping to refinance our home.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Posted in other thread.. didnt realize there is a new thread each month. Hit the reset button due to an auto loan... But now committed for 2+ years.

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Good Morning GC! Checking in for September! It's Gameday!

Heading to Nashville to watch my Gamecocks tonight!

Have a great day everyone!

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Happy September. Things are just steady in my world. Home construction is moving along. Hoping to be moving in next month or early November. In the process of getting our final approval on the mortgage. We are conditionally approved and we have sent in all our conditions so now we wait. Pretty nerve wrecking times. 

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Signing into the garden. Last HP was last week for my Ink Cash card. I've got nothing else to apply for, as I've got a car loan already and just got my mortgage. Let's see how the garden treats me
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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

congrats and good luck EdMan!  The wait is ALWAYS nervewracking and without fail moves slow as molassas in the winter.

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Happy garden and new month to all my fellow gardeners.


What happens when an inq turns one year?


Anyway for this month, I have 4 INQ's falling off and 2 turning 1 yr on EQ. As for TU and EX, I  have between 1-2 falling off and turning a year old. Haven't app'ed since July and I am almost in reach of that silver spade. I've had that itch and was so tempted to go for the CSR but that benadryl kicked in and demolished any itchSmiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy


Smiley FrustratedOh well still buried under the dirtSmiley Mad


Wishing everyone good luck with their garden goals.

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In the garden as of 6-7-16, I've been really really BADDDDD Smiley Sad Smiley Sad

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Well I made it through another month on the credit watch.  Smiley Happy  Although I didn’t stay completely in the garden AGAIN last month, I still have a few accomplishments worth noting.


I gained three relationships: AMEX, NFCU & PenFed.  In my opinion, if nothing else went right last month, my relationship building went very well.  I was also able to lower my auto interest rate resulting in a few dollars saved each month.


Last month was a slow month for number moving, but I was still able to pull off the following score changes:


EQ: 626 ---> 630 (4 pt. increase)
TU: 640 ---> 641 (1 pt. increase)
EX: 668 (No Change)


My utilization went up from 24 to 26%, but this should change by next month sometime.  I thought this would have adjusted by now, but Cap1 moved really slow with my due date change.  This should work in my favor though, because my secured card will be showing a zero balance soon.  Once I close it, it will be time for my 61 day CLI on the AMEX card.  So, the closeout won’t have an affect on my utilization.  I can’t wait until I can get away from the low limits to avoid having to micro-manage utilization!


My GW responses didn’t go as planned, but I will work up another plan of attack for this month.  On a good note, I lost 2 collection accounts from EQ.  So, down to the following collections:


EQ: 4, TU: 1, EX: 2


I’m off to make my Credit Repair Goal List for the month of September.  I feel like I’m a little more planted in the garden.  I’ll admit, I did a little app spree since I was already racking up inquiries, but I quickly realized I was racking up denials! (I couldn’t fight off the itch.)  I guess it was the extra push I needed to keep my feet planted in the garden.  Looking forward to my first spade this month.  Also, this month’s financial goal is to lessen the amount of money that my household is spending on dining out.  This has been an ongoing struggle and it’s time to break the cycle.  I also want to focus more on my businesses so that I can bring in extra monthly income instead of constantly paying out for business expenses.


I wish everyone a productive month!

EQ: 634 TU: 648 EX: 668 Last App 10/27/16.
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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Good Morning Intrepid Gardeners,


Having a bit more coffee before taking our little Javi kitten into her ophthalmologist.  Yeah, she is expensive but she is cute.  


Both our mortgage and PRG are now reporting and life didn't end credit wise except on CreditKarma, I have to stop looking at that site.  I also have to stop looking at the approval and business credit section here, the Amex Simply Cash Business card is starting to speak to me.  Smiley Frustrated  I need to play that Taylor Swift song, "Shake it Off".  


Drink more coffee, it is good for you.  Smiley Very Happy  Stay Garden Strong.


- Driftless

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Checking in for Sept! Gardening strong, one more month and my last baddie falls off!
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