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Garden Club Thread - September 2016


Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

After I got notification through MyFICO that an account change happened --> look and see my Wal-Mart Discover card was reduced from 7.5k to 1,524. Dunno what's that about. Either way, never used it hardly, so closed it quickly.
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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

DoroLucky wrote:

Happy garden and new month to all my fellow gardeners.


What happens when an inq turns one year?


Anyway for this month, I have 4 INQ's falling off and 2 turning 1 yr on EQ. As for TU and EX, I  have between 1-2 falling off and turning a year old. Haven't app'ed since July and I am almost in reach of that silver spade. I've had that itch and was so tempted to go for the CSR but that benadryl kicked in and demolished any itchSmiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy


Smiley FrustratedOh well still buried under the dirtSmiley Mad


Wishing everyone good luck with their garden goals.

To be honest I haven't noticed any difference when inquiries turned a year old but I'm sure it's YMMV.

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Happy September Fellow GC Members!


I am one month away from hitting my 6 months mark, YAY!!! My goals are to continue to watch my FICO score INCREASE (almost at 700), watch my inquiries fall off, and see my AAOA get older! I've learned so much since coming to this site in 2014.  Continue to stay FOCUSED on your credit goals and you will SUCCEED!!! Smiley Very Happy

Last App: 10/2/17
Gardening Until Further Notice
15 Credit Cards (10 Major Banks & 5 Store Cards)
No AF's/Overall Utilization Hovers around 4%
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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Hello Garden Peeps.Mission accomplished. My goal is below and was met. No need to go any further. Retirement a couple years away. Got enough credit now to last and still amazed. From no CC's 10 months ago after BK DC to now at 23.k CL! In time I'll try to combine the QS's and go back to 3 cards. Thanks for all the great knowledge and expertise you guys post here. 65,000+ posts read in less than a year? Time to get a life! LOL! Waiting for TS Hermine to hit here. Bring it on! Smiley Happy

My posts are JMHO. I DO NOT claim to be a FICO expert. Just sharing my experiences from rebuild to recovery. It can be done!
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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Fellow gardeners -


Happy September! I'm always excited to read this thread because I credit all of you with helping me grow my credit by teaching me the value of evaluating/reevaluating/reevaluating again before I apply willynilly for credit. 


September 7 marks 9.5 years from the date I filed for BK7. This is momentous for me because I'll be able to ask TU for EE. I don't know if my scores will change much when it comes off (my TU08 has been living in the 740s), but it will be nice to have that albatross off at least one record. Smiley Happy 


I will be in the garden through this month and the first week of next. If I choose to make my one small change, I'll do it when I step out for my lease buyout. Then, I'm back in for the forseeable future. I'm very happy with my portfolio, though I may be in for a small change. I'm in my fourth round of reevaluation, and well, we'll see what happens.


But, until then, I'll tend to my dahlias.


Garden strong, folks. 

Garden Club Member since 9/7/2018
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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Checking in for September.  This month doesn't bring a lot of credit changes, but between October and November of this year, I have 5 inquiries falling off my reports!!!  PayPal fell off last month and it reported the inquiry drop-off almost immediately.  I love seeing these things go away!

Gardening since 8/5/15
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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Checking in for September.



In the garden since August 30th. Blame my previous getaway on Chase pre-qualified offers in branch.

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Still in the garden! I've been here a couple weeks I think...can't remember the date, so I think I'm just going to start tracking from today so it's easy to keep up with. 


The plan is still to let accounts age, pay down some debt, and let credit score increase so that I can refinance my home loan either late this year or in the early part of 2017 (assuming rates are still reasonable). I think I'll also pay off car loan #1 this month, and that'll give me more money to send towards paying down debt. It's also about that time of the year where I hit the cap on SS taxes, so any extra money in paycheck will go towards debt as well. I hope to start 2017 with as little revolving debt as possible, especially if it's not at 0%.

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

CJ7 wrote:

Just saw my first 800 with a fresh score pull at 12:01am!  A Cap1 triple pull just aged to a year a few days ago,

and I paid all accounts down to $1.  Discover is lagging on EQ, so I'm pretty sure that's the 2 points I need for 800 there as well.

This gardening thing is easy Smiley Happy

Whoot!  Thats AWESOME!! 

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Re: Garden Club Thread - September 2016

Just checking in here.  Month 5 ...

March 2014: Abysmal, low 500s

April 2015: TU 607 | EQ 599 | EX 608
April 2017: TU 662 | EQ 673| EX 694
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