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Garden Time

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Garden Time

First of all, thank you for all who contribute the wonderful information contained on this site.  I have been lurking for the better part of two years. Thanks to the advice here I have repaired my credit and move on from the sub prime arena. I am awaiting my CSP to come in the mail and am super excited.  I am now officially in the garden as my goal is a new car in 18 months to two years, and I want most of my recent inquiries to fall off my report. 

Amex BCP 5.5K, CSP 5K, Amex BCE 4K, Discover 4K, Cap One Plat. 4K, Barclay NFL 2.5K, Chase Freedom 1.5K, Best Buy 800

Last app 1/23/13. CSP approval 5K

FAKO all > 720 as of 1/15/2013
Goal >750
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Re: Garden Time

Congrats on your credit journey and keep up the great work cause you got a nice line up of cards! 

I too became a member of the boards in 2008, but only read about experiences and how to gain credit. This board is great!


I too shall meet you in the garden and someone needs to lock me down Smiley Wink because its addicting!

Last Pulled EQ: 809
Last Credit Card App: 02/05/2016
Last CLI: 02/06/2016
Find Me: Gardening
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