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Gary Leff @viewfromthewing take on Amex FR

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Gary Leff @viewfromthewing take on Amex FR

Here's a nice post about Amex FR - and tons of comments after the post. Nice read for those who get all frothed up about it. 


Working link sorry for the bad link!

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Re: Gary Leff @viewfromthewing take on Amex FR

dead link.

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Re: Gary Leff @viewfromthewing take on Amex FR

BTW I don't dread it, I was honest on my applications and can back up my income and business revenues. No big deal to me if they need to see it. How else will I get 100K on a card or get the invite for a Centurion card Smiley Wink

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Re: Gary Leff @viewfromthewing take on Amex FR

I honestly don't think its as bad as most people had imagined either. If any lender were to conduct a FR on me, I rather they notify me of the process, just like Amex would, rather than to conduct a ninja review and take adverse action without any form of notification until the customer finds out the card is closed / CLD.

Having to submit tax docs just to verify income isn't the main purpose of all FRs either. Like the blog said, Amex could be conducting FR for many other reasons. Therefore for those people, such as those with several maxed out cards for extended periods of time, submitting or not submitting tax docs may not help with anything at all, because they are pretty much screwed regardless.

Barclays seems to be a lot stricter in my opinion, but that's just me. Until now I haven't gotten any sort of AA, even with high balances reporting sometimes, though they are usually paid in full by the next cycle. Fingers crossed for now.
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