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Getting Past the $500 Barrier

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Re: Getting Past the $500 Barrier

If you have 2 secured cards both are 2 years old I would say close down the one (that you plan on closing anyways).


Then that $200 and pop it on to your Cap 1 secured (bringing it to 400) this right there would look better. Then after you add it on, call them and ask for an unsecured cli. Say you've been a customer for 2 years with this card, and that your willing to close it if they can't give you a better limit.


If they say no, then start adding on money - but don't use the card for more than a RedBox rental once a month. Then after adding 100 a month you should be up to 1k in 6 more months.


At that point you'd have the card almost 3 years, and if there is an AF it wouldn't have hit yet and if not you'd be up to 1k. At that point ask if they will reconisder them giving you a CLI or unsecuring the card.


If your given a "no" then by that point you will have had your other cards for a year and you could try to app for something better that will grow - walmart would be a good choice or a local CU - something that will GROW will be important.


Once you go on a mini app spree then close the Cap 1 secured and put that money into a better secured card if you still are under the 1k (again look at local CU and other cards that unsecure after a year - I think BOA does that)


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