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Getting Rid of Credit Cards With Annual Fees

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Re: Getting Rid of Credit Cards With Annual Fees

wwtthhpp wrote:

erutio wrote:

what are your cards that you have that have the AFs?  if you list them, then maybe we can tell you which banks are amenable to changing your card or waiving the AF.

Here are the 5 credit cards:


Merrick Bank:  2500 limit


Credit One Bank:  2500 limit


First Savings Credit Card:  1000 limit


Orchard Bank:  1000 limit


Best Buy RewardZone:  1000 limit


There is no balance on any of them but I used them for small purchases every month (ex. Redbox rentals, Netflix subscription, etc.)


I applied for a Citi Thank You Preferred after receiving the mailing today and was approved for a $3500 limit which would match those bottom three cards and add $500 worth of credit to my name.


Any suggestions?

I would get rid of First Premier and Credit One immediately. I actually have Credit one and the only reason why I still have it because they are waving the monthly fees. I ususally put a small purchase and pay right away!!!


If you call Best Buy RewardZone they will waive the annual fee and ask for a soft pull CLI...I just got one this week.

Starting Scores:
Lender Pull 7/10/2012 EQ 585 EX 617 TU 551
8/2012 MyFico EX 598 01/2013 EX 608 2/2013 EX 620 Smiley Surprised)
9/12/2012 624 (Fico Discover)
02/7/2013 660 (Fico Wally)
At least I'm heading in the right direction!!!

Goal Score:740+, home loan and Get rid of subprime cards!!!

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